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Digital Marketing Course Guide – 101 Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR

Blog Written By : admin July 9, 2019

What is Digital Marketing? / Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, so-called as data-driven marketing, is an approach of electronic media to promote their products or services into the market, and it is generally used by marketers. Digital Marketing enables customers to mingle with the product through digital communication. Consumers can easily access information from any place and at any time with device flexibility.

Comparison of Conventional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Comparison of Conventional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Conventional MarketingDigital Marketing
Includes broadcast, print, telephone, and direct mailIncludes online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, text messaging, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, pay per click, etc.
Low audience interactionHigh interaction with the audience
Results are measured on specific parametersResults can be measured with in-depth analysis
Advertising campaign deployment was a cumbersome process and time-consuming activity.Advertising campaigns are easy and quick, can be planned over a short period
Expensive and time-consuming processAn economical and rapid way of promotion
Practices static and long term campaignChangeable innovative campaigns can be prepared and scheduled (any time) with ease
Limited customer reachWider reach of customers due to extensive use of the technological approach
Lack of 24/7 /365 market exposureVersatile 24/7/365 market exposure
Unidirectional communication (one-way conversation)Bidirectional communication (two ways conversation)
Non-responsive approach (limited time, and other resources)Highly responsive approach (anytime, anyplace, any device)
Way to reach the local audienceEasy way to reach the global and local audience (holds the ability to go viral)

About Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing is rapidly growing worldwide. Need is to trace the right skill and expertise to embark in digital marketing career options.

Digital marketing holds a wide array of professional opportunities. The best part is it has work time and location flexibility. One can respond to professional assignments 24 X 7 as per convenience and choose that goes well with needs.  It offers significant opportunities without even stepping into workstations.

With the advent of the internet, digital marketing gained momentum and became an integral part of all business domains.  Encompassing virtual platform, the importance of data-driven marketing grew, leading to higher demand for professionals.

Organizations of all scale (small, medium, and large) are turning to digital media platform for marketing.  Adding to your existing skill can open a plethora of career and business opportunities.

Digital marketing equips a vast spectrum of scalable scope. The assets associated are promising towards reaping skills and competencies of an aspirant.  Some of the widely-used digital marketing activities include content marketing, search engine optimization, inbound and outbound marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

To pursue a digital marketing career, it is vital to understand what you wish to achieve through it. Is it to establish your ongoing business as per the trend? Or add and enhance your current skill set. To help you out and expand your understanding, let’s explore how digital marketing can help you grow and attain visibility.

Start your own business

It is the future in the world of business. Meeting ever-expanding need of customers is vital for business sustainability. Digital marketing helps to start an entrepreneurial venture online, strengthening the social media presence of the company.

Expand your existing business

Customize and personalize marketing techniques as per the business requirements. It helps in increasing ROI reaping fast results, keeping your business on par with competitors.


Give an edge in the present work. It holds the potential to expand your work up to the expected level allowing you to work and fetch the projects of global scale.


It incubates flourishing job opportunities, from specialization (in particular domain like SEO, SMM, etc.) to digital marketing strategist (handling overall digital marketing activities), adding value to your overall career growth.


Irrespective of the subject streams, graduates, or postgraduates can potentially explore a promising career in the field of digital marketing. Stand out from the rest of the crowd giving the boost to your learning curve in the upward direction.

Digital marketing profoundly helps in identifying and catering the needs of a broad section of the consumer target segment.

As technology continues to evolve, the marketplace has increasingly become digital. More and more consumers are buying products online. As per Forbes, 83% of consumers perform a search online. Also, as per Tech Crunch reports, 79 percent of people shop online. Hence, the role of digital marketing is vital to reach out to such potential business. It effectively reaches and engages target consumers online. Digital marketing tactics have been the most cost-effective approach to reach probable customers.

Because of the ever-changing dynamics of trends, technology, and tactics, the businesses are focusing on digital marketing than ever before.

What is a digital marketing course?

What is a digital marketing course

The Digital Marketing course is designed to help the individual to gain with all the terms and essential disciplines like search engine optimization (SEO) and even all the media that is being incorporated to the social media networks, pay-per-click mode (PPC), convert in the sense of optimization, web analytics, content and digital marketing, email, and mobile marketing. Digital Marketing Course Content will help the one to stay focused & on track throughout the journey of learning Digital Marketing. So as to start the career or to have the perfect learning as a digital marketer, the thing which seems to be very important and holds the first place is the digital market course content. However, as the individual being entered as a student, it is recommended to do at least some of the work to get clarity of topics involved in the Digital Marketing Course. Before getting enrolled for any kind of training program, the course content is having so much value and it is entirely to be very important, so is the case with Digital Marketing as well.

Types of Digital Marketing Course with Duration

Types of Digital Marketing CourseCourse Duration in Months
Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) Course1.5 Months
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course1 Month
Social Media Optimizations (SMO) Course1 Month
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course1 Month
Email Marketing Course0.5 Month
Content and Affiliate Marketing Course1 Month
App Store optimizations (ASO) Course1 Month

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) Course:-

The most challenging and rewarding marketing discipline is the tool SEO. SEO tries to unwind the potency of the efforts of the marketing like the data combination, analytics of the data, content marketing, and fluency or potency with HTML and also either the optimization with the technical aspects. This SEO course involves all the terms and key skills and even how they are supposed to make an execution on the best digital marketing strategy. It is however mandatory to learn the most advanced tools and techniques, and even all the concepts and even getting hands on experience through interactive projects. SEO training is very much beneficial for having the best part of entering the digital marketing who wants to become proficient and effluent in SEO – best practices, particularly and genuinely: Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Professionals, Content Writers, Marketing, Sales and work Professionals, Professional management, Engineering at every level, Business at every level and common graduates at communication level, Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Search Engine Marketing Course:-

Engine Marketing Course inculcates paid and unpaid methods: Many of the advertisements are on paid with some of the websites that are registered. The advertisements that appear on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are called Pay per Click ads. Various formats are introduced to have ads. Even some of them can have the best listings while some are simple text-based ads.

Social Media Course:-  

The media dedicated to all the social platforms is the compilation of all the media channels that are highly dedicated to the inputs that are community based, interaction, sharing of the contents and the merging or the collaboration. Here mentioned its two types that are given as below:

Social Media Optimization (SMO Course):-

SMO is the process to ascend and to use a number of outlets that can make it easy to communicate and to generate publicity so as to make the awareness of the product.Social media optimization co-ordinates RSS feed. social feeds that are generally related with the social networking or social networking sites and also attenuates the features of all the social bookmarking sites, bloggers and also attenuates all the video and the blogging sites.SMO also tracks the path towards the goal which can also set the designated and straightway path to the Website.

Social Media Marketing Course:-

So as for the promotion of various types of social media marketing has been available in all the various types and features. In Social Media Marketing we find many types of social apps launched in the market that is most valuable for advertising and digitized marketing ways. With the use of all these applications that can evenly be created which also promotes the activities by which social media becomes a variant and all the social media helps to align the business system if all the individual’s plan with the basic routine.

Email Marketing Course:-

Email marketing generated a deeper relationship and noise-free targeting. These two facts are only possible through email marketing. This Email Marketing course is all about teaching how the driven up systems can be worked, how to generate new leads, How to target an audience in a way which bears good results and ultimately turning potential customers into customers. Almost, in many of the Companies, we are using Email Marketing for the P.O., P.I. and confirmations of companies’ terms and conditions.

Content and Affiliate Marketing Course:-

To attract the audience, the content should be perfect and very ideal in which the content marketing plays a very important role and to make everything possible in all the practices of digital marketing. The main advantage of having the perfect content is it takes no pressure to attract the audiences. In addition to this, the ideal content is another way that can be viewed by many of the search engines. 

This affiliation of the marketing course also provides 50 classes to that course which are particular to have the content based. It is bifurcated into three difficulty levels – beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level, there are courses for varying kinds of requirements. Exploring the system of growth, all the foundational skills and even all the marketing acceptations that are keeping to be indulged in the promotion methods, so as to set the future trends, that is being complete based on the methods that are to be based on which the promotion skills that are being stipulated and will also be able to apply the innovative and highly acquired skills and take certificates that are be on have the basic challenge. In addition to that, the classes that are to be built have been mainly depended on and to increase the growth of the business.

App Store optimizations (ASO) Course:-

Marketing is a multi-channel and Opening an email, many of the things are quite accessible to have the best optimization techniques, ASO is commonly being the optimization techniques commonly called as SEO store App, ASO Play Store, App Store ASO and evenly be called as Application Search Optimization.

  • Store Optimization (ASO in short) in detail is all about gaining visibility in the app stores which may ascend your download which reflects the best part. This way, more people can find the app and many of them get to download.
  • Focus of ASO is day by day getting expertise in all the resources of the applications that are related to improvement and may correct the ranking and position of mobile applications that are completely stored on app stores (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store). Generally, apps are created for I-phone/I-pad, Android and Windows Phone which are the new generation phones that are used by many of us.

Digital marketing course is for following category people

1. For an entrepreneur (to move our business offline to online):-

Where online marketing is critical to business success, it can be easy to forget to attenuate offline marketing. However, this could prove to be the biggest mistake. It is for the customers that can move online. It’s already too late, that may have lost them. Many of the customers that get online by all the owners which can involve the practical strategies and with these practical strategies it will nail the e-mail marketing and also owned by the mentor of the business too. That is the reason for an entrepreneur to move our business offline to online.

2- For job seekers:-

If an individual is seeking a job or a job seeker then here are all the best opportunities for the individual’s so as to enhance the career in the field of digital marketing.E-commerce companies proved that digital marketing is not an ideal job to focus on but a profession and it will be the appropriate system of digital marketing that ensures for which e-commerce opened a new juncture for job seekers. The put worth estimated value of digital marketing is $62 billion and it is enhancing and growing every year. Today mobile marketing is also combined and included in digital marketing and the mobile market alone can have the basic and desirable value of worth $7.2 billion. It is very obvious and difficult to make a perfect balance in professional and personal life. The hours of working have increased but growth is stagnant. Managers are allocating more hours to work as compared to their family. Digital marketing is the main field that keeps the perfect balance of career as well as in income. If a person is a job seeker, then here are many of the opportunities that can be availed so to excel the caliber and the career too in the field of digital marketing.

3- For individual or freelancer:-

Digital Marketing has the best and the most awaited future in the coming years, the basic and important part in digital marketing is the modern way of marketing which involves the selling of the product, purchasing of the product and the main aspect that is the advertising of the product or services via the digital media, like the internet, mobile etc. To make a career in digital that can make the best review of it. As digital marketing is the most logical and the technical which can set the career of every individual in the future. If an individual is a marketing employee, I.T person a social media marketer, and even a graphic designer they all can enhance and make their career vibrant in digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course, Scope and Advantages

Digital Marketing rules over many of the advantages and it has been set very reliable in the upcoming future until and unless the communication cannot be there. As per today, the role of digital marketing becomes the news in the circles and hence it could be the commercial or social in all the ways digital marketing has set its place in even all kinds of circles and how digital marketing can be used to capture new markets.The scope of digital marketing is very wide that offers many of the best digital media which is quite favorable and all the new media too that can help to generate the new connection which can be proved to be the best communication network.

The online marketing sector personnel is in the bulk of demand that only encourages as well the industries and companies will grow to double their rates. Digital marketing indicates a pile and heap of new techniques which are used in promotion of the marketing products or services on the network. It is a process that collaborates together with many varied functions which are essential for the growth of the business.

Scope and Advantages of Digital Marketing Course

Many Career Options:-

Today the world is moving on the track of being digital and by the year 2020, all the companies surrounding the globe including India must have the presence of online and also have the career enhanced. 

If in digital marketing any individual must have an interest in it, it is just like that they are having the skill already which you can be in. Here the availability of some of the new and top jobs and the way how you made it to use.

After the completion of digital marketing course, the learner with varied levels of work experience can work in any of the following digital marketing job roles.

Digital Marketing Job Roles for Freshers:
  1. SEO Analyst
  2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Analyst:-
  3. Social Media Analyst
  4. Digital Marketing Analyst
  5. Blogger
  6. Digital Marketing Associate
  7. Social Media Associate
  8. Marketing and Automation Analyst
  9. Growth Marketing Analyst
Digital Marketing Job Roles after 3-4 Years Experience:
  1. SEO Manager
  2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Manager:-
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Digital Marketing Manager
  5. Blogger
  6. Digital Marketing Team Lead
  7. Social Media Influencer
  8. Marketing and Automation Specialist
  9. Growth Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Salary and Posts:-

I am sharing with you the port-folios, number of experiences and the annual salary range for Digital Marketing professionals here:

As a fresher an individual will get 15–20k PM and even if an individual can be available with the concept of hands and with the practical and practical exposure while working in the college days or getting in the internship training in digital marketing then it can be expected 30–35 k as starting amount. If updating is there means having updated to the self is the most important activity along with industry and it is going to be a great journey for the individual as to set with digital marketing until the level of venture. The entry level position in the digital marketing field is called the executive of digital marketing and the entry of the level salary varies with a lot of different aspects like: is that where you are working and for which company you are working.

SEO Guys Salary By Experience in India
SEO Salary By Experience in India
Year of ExperienceMonthly Salary Range
10+ Years ₹ 1,20,000.00 + 
5-10 Years ₹ 50,000.00 – ₹ 1,40,000.00 
3-5 Years₹ 30,000.00 – ₹ 55,000.00
2-3 Years₹ 22,000.00 – ₹ 45,000.00
1-2 Years₹ 15,000.00 – ₹ 32,000.00
< 1 Year / Fresher₹ 8,000.00 – ₹ 24,000.00
Social Media Guys Salary By Experience in India
Social Media Guys Salary By Experience in India
Year of ExperienceMonthly Salary Range
10+ Years ₹ 1,00,000.00 + 
5-10 Years ₹ 50,000.00 – ₹ 1,00,000.00 
3-5 Years₹ 30,000.00 – ₹ 55,000.00
2-3 Years₹ 20,000.00 – ₹ 35,000.00
1-2 Years₹ 15,000.00 – ₹ 25,000.00
< 1 Year / Fresher₹ 6,000.00 – ₹ 18,000.00
PPC Guys Salary By Experience in India
PPC Guys Salary By Experience in India
Year of ExperienceMonthly Salary Range
10+ Years ₹ 1,20,000.00 + 
5-10 Years ₹ 50,000.00 – ₹ 1,40,000.00 
3-5 Years₹ 30,000.00 – ₹ 55,000.00
2-3 Years₹ 22,000.00 – ₹ 45,000.00
1-2 Years₹ 15,000.00 – ₹ 32,000.00
< 1 Year / Fresher₹ 8,000.00 – ₹ 24,000.00
Growth Marketer Guys Salary By Experience in India
Growth Marketer Guys Salary By Experience in India
Year of ExperienceMonthly Salary Range
5-10 Years ₹ 75,000.00 – ₹ 1,50,000.00 
3-5 Years₹ 45,000.00 – ₹ 80,000.00
2-3 Years₹ 32,000.00 – ₹ 50,000.00
1-2 Years₹ 25,000.00 – ₹ 40,000.00
Digital Marketer Guys Salary By Experience in India
PPC Guys Salary By Experience in India
Year of ExperienceMonthly Salary Range
10+ Years ₹ 1,50,000.00 + 
5-10 Years ₹ 60,000.00 – ₹ 1,50,000.00 
3-5 Years₹ 40,000.00 – ₹ 70,000.00
2-3 Years₹ 25,000.00 – ₹ 45,000.00
1-2 Years₹ 15,000.00 – ₹ 35,000.00
< 1 Year / Fresher₹ 12,000.00 – ₹ 25,000.00
Digital Marketers Salary by Role / Job Title
 Digital Marketers Salary by Role / Job Title
Salary by Role / Job TitleMonthly Salary Range
Chief Marketing Officer – CMO₹1,75,000.00 – ₹5,00,000.00
President₹1,60,000.00 – ₹3,00,000.00
Vice president₹1,40,000.00 – ₹2,25,000.00
Director₹1,25,000.00 – ₹1,75,000.00
Assistant Director₹1,00,000.00 – ₹1,50,000.00
Sr. Manager₹80,000.00 – ₹1,30,000.00
Manager₹60,000.00 – ₹1,00,000.00
Assistant Manager₹42,000.00 – ₹65,000.00
Team Lead / Associate Manager₹32,000.00 – ₹50,000.00
Sr. Associate₹25,000.00 – ₹40,000.00
Associate / Analyst₹16,000.00 – ₹35,000.00
Trainee₹6,000.00 – ₹15,000.00


As the network continues its evolutionary journey, which can even be possible by the advertising of the marketing continues to have the best to evolve as well. Many of the parts are spontaneous in nature that could have been more flexible in nature as they could be. Responding to trends on social media, flexibility can have the basic trends such as hash tagging and memes that are so common in this particular and recent period. An immense success of having digital marketing will have the perfect for the growth of the future if the narrative is created that reverberates and keeps the deal with the consumers. Increasing in the advanced growth within the upcoming years. Eventually to create a narrative using traditional channels is certainly possible, but it is more expensive as it is harder to imply. Even digital media permits various brands to create the new and innovative which are very narrative captivating imagery, non-realistic stories, honest testimonials, and the entertaining videos.

More developments of Companies:-

This immensely be successful to have the narrative brands for all the narrative and responsive if the consumers can be created the narrative resonation. The importance of a narrative of the brand can be increased in the recent past years. To create a narrative resonation using traditional channels which is comfortably possible, but it is also significantly harder and more expensive than ever for the use of digital marketing. Digital media permits the various brands to create the narrative using captivating imagery, imaginative stories, perfect and honest testimonials, and entertaining videos. If the digital marketing is not there, sales is the only option which would be friends and family and word-of-mouth but in digital marketing the connection with the one world to the one point is the best factor.

Growth in own Business:-

To go with the Traditionalized or Digitalized that will be a point of confusion for the medium and small business that can ever have to. Having the marketing budget being so typical to have digital marketing, it becomes tough for every small and medium business to make a part between the traditional and digital. Small and medium businesses must have the big amount to have set the market being digital. Still, the objective is to reach a number of people with the possible cost. A formulated TV ad which turns at one time can of 30 seconds cost a business more than Rs. 3,50,000 if shown at a normal time during the day. Small businesses never have such a capital or the amount of money. Not even the printed ads and billboards cost a lot. Whereas on the other corner, Digital ads can reach a super-targeted audience but at the cheapest cost. As the same concept in digital marketing we buy material at low cost and sell the maximum value and get more profits from his business. Make many customers in marketing through to media and social apps.

Digital marketing course syllabus, Topics and Modules

In digital Marketing these are the main Topics and Modules:-

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • E- Business website Planning
  • Creating Online Business Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster
  • Google AdWords / PPC
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Professional Email Marketing
  • Advance Mobile Marketing
  • Video and Display Advertising
  • E- Commerce Marketing Strategies
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense & Blogging

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus PDF

For detailed information click the link given below:-

Digital Marketing Course Fee Structure

It’s all depends upon some these main points mentioned below:-

  • It depends on which City does your course.
  • It also depends on Institutions.
  • Fee Structure Depend upon the Institute has Experience and Industry Specific Teachers and they do also work in any industry. 
  • Digital Marketing Course fee is about Rs.15,000/- to Rs.95,000/- and The Digital Education offered this course at Rs.25,000/- only.
  • It also depends upon the facility provided by the Institution to Students.

 Is Google Providing Paid or Digital Marketing Course?

Google is not directly providing Digital Marketing Course, but it’s provided some Photos, Videos, Modules, Contents, Structure and Guidelines of course for self-learners. Google also provides the sets of tests for improving their own knowledge and performing to the best of their abilities. 

 Tips to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute

 1- Check if the offered certifications are industry vetted:-

The very most important is to get the professional certification and sought after outcomes of the pursuit of professional learning and education. Almost each and every institute offers Digital Marketing certification along with many of the others but for a learner, they can understand the terms with all the conditions which can be get on set and mix it with all the best parts.

2- Best Job Placement and Conduct Internship by Institution:- 

Make sure that the institution that you have enrolled in offers placement assistance. This will help a lot in finding good opportunities in the market. Many agencies are there that can offer courses and then students are absorbed by the various internships which will make an option work. When the time is being invested, efforts and all the money you the results can be get out of good. In recent years, Digital Marketing has been immense in collaboration and today it will become the future as well. As the technology increases, the digital marketing always helps to intend the growth of the business jobs will be more expected will be created and the demand in digital marketing for the dedicated professionals of having getting trained will effectively be manifold.

3- Make sure the faculty is Industries best experts:-

The trainer is the foundation of all learning, regardless of what infrastructure or repute is, and the person is very new to this field you can’t afford to have someone who just imparts theoretical knowledge.

4- Make sure the course is up to date:-

Once you’re clear about the goal you need to make sure the course you’re going to take is thorough and up-to-date with all the recent modules included. Courses offered should be modified as per the particular requirement of digital marketing. Where an individual can receive all the updates and all the modifications that are going on in the study? This can be settled with having this changes up to date with all the websites.

5- Teaching Pedagogy:-

Make sure that the structure and flow of the course is planned in such a way that it is easy to understand who is the beginner at the time and also who is aware of already having digital marketing. Attention should be at the most prior level to the assignments, practical exercise, and the several projects that can be worked on. Also, Discussion with in house students and institutes give live demo classes in live classrooms.

 6- Certifications:-

Other certifications have not been given by the other institutes like the social media, facebook etc. The certification of digital marketing leads to the misconception that it is sure that individuals will get the certification course but actually it is not true.

7- Conduct Exam before Certification:-

Institution conducts many types of examinations for best performance in our work in any industry. And also get practical knowledge of each and every point which is used in digital marketing job careers. So, this is the most important factor to select an Institution for Digital Marketing course.  

Which is the Best? Online Course Vs Offline Course

Of course offline course is best in compression of online course because the student clear their problems live with faculty and ask our query and get practically answered by faculties. As technology has been getting developed, it will get new opportunities to learn. Thanks to the network throughout the globe, who are all over interested to boost the activities and skills and now have a wide range of options open to them.

Learners and employers can evenly take an online system as well as an offline system. The system says to continue with the CPD hence there are many of the advantages and disadvantages to having intensive learning like online or offline. It is decided to help which is better for your learners, as the discoveries of the differences between them.

With offline learning, it’s easier to make an assurance to the attendees who all are paying attention to the training of the employees. Some learners find it very easy to retain the knowledge of the experts and skills they’ve learnt instantly through offline training which can ever be done with the new skills.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Online Courses

1- Convenience and flexibility:

Online publications deliver college students the opportunity to plot look at time round the relaxation in their day, as opposed to the other manner around. Students can examine and work at their convenience. Coarse cloth is usually accessible on-line, making special library journeys unnecessary. All of these benefits help the students to make a balance as they have done the final commitments with the family.

2- Continue to your profession:

If any individual wants to complete the graduation then they can get continue with their profession. In most colleges, some individuals are working as to preserve the job even they work as faculty. Many of the online packages are so much compatible and so much flexible then to work and learn will be get as parallel together.

3- Lower costs:

As per the contradict point, on-line programs are quite cheaper in consideration with the one that have been judged in the conventional campus so as to promote with the features and the advanced approach. In general, all the online systems of teaching may rely upon several factors for the betterment of the individual’s as these program facilities may vary from one another. Though now not all on-line degrees offer less costly internet tuition prices than conventional colleges, associated expenses almost always cost much less. For example, as no commuting charges which can be available at very low cost?

4- It takes less time:

Not simplest does disposing of the need to commute keep money, however it additionally saves anyone time. Moreover, the trainer or teacher doesn’t want to give the identical class time and again to different groups of students. He or she best desires to put together the content as soon as and then proportion it with different businesses at any time necessary.

Advantages of Offline Digital Marketing Courses

1- Learning Environment:-

Learning environment always has many of the advantages and the main advantage is the immediate feedback when classes are taken in the running environment, several views and several opinions are shared along with many of the classmates and the immediate response or reward should be awarded by the lecturers. This is the reason for most of the individual’s belief in attending the school.

2- Group discussions:-

It is to be carried to have a very prolonged discussion on many of the various types of the sessions that are needed to be included in the digital marketing of Group Discussion. Group discussion mainly consist of a group of people or individuals, mainly gather at one point in the form of a formal meeting where one and the other people and individuals used to share one’s ideas and comments and views to share with many of persons, they also solve problems or give comment which in common term is known as GD. This may help in solving all the problems as many views are changed among various people.

3- Practically Knowledge:-

Practical studying will let you feel confident and able in the talents and techniques you will need whilst certified to do your job effectively. This is even better in case you are greater of a sensible learner, and like to do than watch.

Practical know-how can also come up with a deeper know-how of a sure technique, through the act of doing and through private experience. Take technology for example, if you want to be a laboratory assistant, finishing laboratory practicals will come up with the basic expertise and knowledge to perform practical’s well and safely.

4-   Social Skills can be improved:-

In a classroom, many of the individuals experience social interactions with the peers of the same course which can help the students to rapport with teachers.

 5- Development and building of skills and the importance of personality:-

Classroom teaching involves which resolves all the conflicts, and even sometimes present the powerpoint or presentation skills as it comes to present own ideas and views very confidently in front of colleagues and all the peers, which inherits to develop the team spirit and can also be adhere to impart many of the things that portrays the personality, in which classroom is the best helper to assist.

6- Builds organizational skills:-

Good organizational competencies can help to lead the fulfillment of many things through many tracks. As it refers to time is money and all the organization saves time by retaining valuable business data easily accessible, goals in focus and employees on the same page. Employees acquire the good and the best organizational skills which are being inherited to have the perfect media.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing Offline Courses

1- Not everyone can afford the fees:–

Usually, the fees of the college to pursue a regular course are pretty high. This is one of the major motives of worry for many college students and their parents. Affording high expenses of campus learning isn’t always accessible to every person so as to take the admission in the schooling mortgage that brings them underneath the debt of a sizable amount. Along with other observed related pressures, this is an extra stress; a scholar wishes to deal with. The simplest way to keep away from the weight of huge costs is performing exceptionally and getting decided on for a scholarship.

2- Travel is required for learning–

Offline education does not prerequisite students to study from their native and their respective places, hence traveling plays an important role. These daily and regular programs are bound in a setoff timetable which all the students need to be attended in such a way that can be legally afforded to have that course. In addition to that each and every student pays an extra convenience to pay the system that is being and highly relevant to the system.

Disadvantages of Online Digita Marketing Course

  1. Clarity in online classes is lesser as compared to classroom training sessions
  2. No scope of group discussions
  3. Many doubts will remain as doubts as it is difficult for trainers sometimes to make the session interactive due to time limitation.

Is Online Course Fee Vs Offline Course Fee being same or Difference

Yes, there is a difference in fee in the online course and offline course, for an offline course various cities like Tier 1 follows Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai follows the high fees structure up to 25K to 95K whereas Tier 2 follows Nagpur, Pune, Surat the recommended low fees than Tier 1. Online courses have different schedules to have the class and several offers and vouchers are to be presented.

Digital Marketing Course Duration

Basically, the duration of digital marketing course is for 3 months and it can be varied up to 4 to 6 months.

Digital Marketing Course Material PFD or Ebook

Yes, all the materials available in pdf and also available in ebooks.

Digital Marketing Course in Hindi

Yes, it is also available in Hindi and it is because many of the individuals are not comfortable to understand in English. So to make an easy platform Hindi has been chosen. Hence, digital marketing course is compatible in English as well as in Hindi.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Vs Basic Digital Marketing Course

Basic digital marketing course is liable only for jobs whereas the advanced digital marketing course is applicable for the live projects which adhere to increase the level of digital marketing course.

Basic digital marketing courses never use several new and innovative ideas whereas advanced digital marketing courses always use these best and innovative ideas.

Digital Marketing Course Eligibility Criteria

Who can do digital marketing course / digital marketing course eligibility Criteria

The digital marketing course is available for everyone like Sales and marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students and all the digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Course by the Government of India

Yes, Digital marketing course is honored by NIELIT approved by the government.

Digital Marketing Course PPT

Yes, digital marketing courses are also available in powerpoint presentations.

Some FAQs on Digital Marketing Course

 • Is it relevant to do a digital marketing course after 12th?

 Yes, it is applicable after 12th.

• Qualification required or eligibility criteria for digital marketing course

Basically, it never asks for the qualification. But, some industries ask for high school and some of the basic skills of computers.

• Digital marketing diploma course

Yes, diploma courses of digital marketing are also available

• Digital marketing course for beginners

Yes, digital marketing course is also available for the beginners

• Digital marketing course with internship or Placement

Yes, because digital marketing has an ever growing pace and which also gives the placement.

• Is a digital marketing course useful

Yes, digital marketing is very useful in the future as new technologies are being developed and digital marketing has a future growth.

• Digital marketing course jobs

Yes, digital marketing offers many kinds of jobs and secures the profile for getting the best jobs.

• Is any college provides digital marketing degree course

Yes, many of the institutes provide and some colleges provide the digital marketing course.

• Does the Course need any diploma or special education certification?

No, only the basic knowledge of computers.

• What is the Age Limit to Learn Your Digital Marketing Course?

No age limit to learn the digital marketing course, digital marketing course can be learned by anyone.

• After the completion of your Digital Marketing Course, How much salary is expected?

The best salary is to be given after completing the digital marketing course especially more than 40K.

Digital Marketing Course Video

Videos of digital marketing courses are also available so as to get interacted in the best way because visualization is the strongest weapon to understand anything.

How do I Get Certification in Digital Marketing?

The certification should be given to the digital marketing as the courses would be completed as per the set of the duration.

Methods to Learn Digital Marketing at Home for Free?

It is difficult to learn from the home as some of the technical aspects are there in pdf if the individual gets it downloaded to fill the basic needs of the client.

101 Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

Here is the list all 101 institutes of digital marketing which comes on the top list of Delhi choose wisely:

  1. The Digital Education: this institute open three years six month back but grown up very fast and cover the entire market of Delhi & India, Not only Laxmi Nagar/East Delhi, TDE is a top digital marketing institute in delhi and also providing online classess in entire India, within a short period check its all the features- 
    1. Trainer: trainer is highly experienced in not only teaching but having 8-9 years of industry experience in digital marketing some of them are still working, which makes them up to date about the subject.
    2. Course module: they have distributed Digital marketing in 18 modules like business Website planning, creating strategies, search engine optimization, Google analytics & webmaster, Adword & PPC, SMM, email marketing, mobile marketing, display marketing, particular E-commerce class, online reputation management, lead generation, Adsense & blogging content strategies, Affiliate,  growth hacking for more detail check on to their website
    3. Training way: the way of teaching is completely practical, which is fantastic. Since, Digital Marketing is a practical subject and having a lesser number of students per batch.
    4. Real-time project: they are providing a free website with domain for one year so that students can have real-time problems and implementation.
    5. Backup: free backup classes, anyone who missed the class or want to attend the class again for any topic will easily mark there missing class subject on the Excel sheet, and the student will get class in any of the batches any time.
    6. Fee: one of the essential parts of any institute is fees; TDE takes  25,000, which can be paid one time or, if required, can be done in 2 installments without any interest. The course duration is four months.
    7. Google certified: this institute is Google certified with all the certificates provided by Google.
    8. Job assistance: they are giving 100% for providing placement to students; they are also giving stipend based projects.
    9. Demo: they are providing demo in running classes it may be any batch, any topic, and any time.
    10. Address: WA – 119A, 3rd Floor, EasyDay Building Main Mother Dairy Road, Main Market, Block WA Near Shakarpur School Block – S3 Bus Stop, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092
    11. Website: 
    12. Contact number: 099716 67110</br>
  2. Delhi school of digital marketing: one of the famous institute of Digital marketing having branches in many cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kolkata, Delhi. The key features to be remembered before joining them are:
    • Trainer: trainers are well trained and qualified and experienced in training filed.
    • Course modules: cover all the modules like PPC, SMO, SEO, SMM, Adword, Analytics, webmaster, etc. but they are not providing Growth hacking, which is a major part to be needed.
    • Training way: They provide online and offline both the classes, they train students using practical and example, but the strength of their batches are up to 50 students.
    • Real-time project: they are not giving any free website, but if you want to purchase, they are supporting.
    • Backup: some are paid, and some are free depending upon the number of classes missed by the students.
    • Fee: extremely high in cost 64,000 Rs + taxes, per course, and can be converted to 9 months EMI’s with a duration of 3-4 months.
    • Google certified: they are premier Google Partner as sure on that as mentioned clearly on their website.
    • Job assistance: yes, they do provide jobs depending upon your capability and talent.
    • Demo: they provide a demo in special demo classes so that you may not be sure that the faculty is going to teach you and how exactly they are going to teach in classes.
    • Time: they take three months to cover digital marketing.
    • Address: Plot no 174,2nd floor, Udyog Vihar Phase1 Gurgaon, Haryana–122016
    • Phone: 8800290309
    • Website:
  3. NIIT: NIIT is a brand when it comes to a coaching institute, they are specialized in computer training, but now they are working in digital marketing as per there website I have reached on to the following information. Anyone interested may go on their website or visit their center:
    • Trainer: they provide training in collaboration with digital marketing institute, and only give online training via Led in their respective centers.
    • Modules: covering whole Digital marketing into ten different modules including SEO, PPC, SMO, Display Ad, they are also not giving growth hacking, which is quite essential for the final analysis of the investment you are doing in internet marketing.
    • Real-time Practical: Not sure about practical sessions and their way of studying. No free website has been given.
    • Backup: not mentioned anything in the website.
    • Fee: 37,500Rs + 10% GST, can be paid in both installment and one time, in case of installment they are charging interest with two installment process so the fee would be 39500 Rs + taxes.
    • Job assistance: they do provide job assistance depending on the qualification and capability of students.
    • They are giving 33 hours with some case studies and guest lectures.
    • Address: they have many centers mentioning here one of them, NIIT Noida, C-56 A/28 3rd Floor, Near Fortis Hospital, Sector 62 Noida
    • Contact person: 9811314803
    • go on to this if you find it interested. 
  4. Digital Vidya: seems much famous not only in Delhi but globally, checked their website and some reviews and the conclusion with the brief features of the digital marketing course by them are:
    • Trainer: trainers are well educated and trained with high experience in training filed.
    • Course module: offers six core modules, including SEO, SMM, SEM, and give special training on social media, so one looking for only social media may contact them for a demo or something.
    • Training way: they provide both offline and online, but masters in online classes anyone looking for online classes may contact them. They are covering practical sessions.
    • Google certified: the institute is Google certified with all the certifications provided by Google and hence certified partners of Google.
    • Real-time experience: no free website given by the institute for real-time learning during the course.
    • Backup: having free backup classes with no clauses.
    • Fee: 64000 Rs with one time and installment facility.
    • Course duration: 6 month training can be covered in 3 months with weekend and week day batches.
    • Job assistance: provide job assistance depending on the capability of the student.
    • Demo: provide demo classes within special demo classes, no on running class demo facility.
    • Address: corporate delhi office, 1001, 10th Floor, Tower-1, Pearls Omaxe Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034, Email:
    • Phone: +91-80100-33033 or +91-11-47597475
    • Check on to for further information and query.
  5. Tech stack: this delhi based institute deals in many training courses like digital marketing, big data hadoop, web development, web designing, graphic design,, Java, PHP, WordPress, we have researched about Digital marketing and the details are below:
    • Trainers: they are also not having real time experienced trainer, trainers having training experience but not currently working in of the industry.
    • Course modules: provide two way training one is corporate technologist having 55 modules and other is advanced Digital marketing training with 16 modules.
    • Training way: practical classes but having lots of student in a single batch which creates a huge mess. They are talking 48 to 110 assessments as if they are dealing with school students; they haven’t realized that instead of testing they need to give real projects and queries sessions to students.
    • Real time experience: Providing No free website and hosting student will not be able to practice real time project while there training session.
    • Backup: have fine backup facility.
    • Fee: having different fees for the two courses one is 75k Rs including taxes and advanced digital marketing training with 30k Rs including taxes. Need to ask about the installment process.
    • Google certified: Nothing mentioned on the website kindly verify this before joining.
    • Job assistance: provide job guarantee and internship check onto their website have many options.
    • Demo: they ensure 3 free classes guarantee but after payment and ensuring to return it back, it totally depends on you not saying anything on this.
    • Time period: corporate technologist goes to 6 month as it have lots of modules and advance digital marketing goes to 3 month.
    • Address: 4th Floor, plot 7, Lane 2, Behind Saket Metro Gate 2 Westend Marg,,Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110030.
    • Phone: +91 89290 63144
    • Website: check on to this for any query related to best digital marketing institute in saket, and more searching.
  6. Digital Academy India: This is one of the refined digital marketing consultancy and institute, handled over 5000 students and professionals over the period of years. They are offering best digital marketing course. Some of the major modules would be- SEM, SMM, SEO, email marketing, web analysis, etc.
    • Fee: they are charging approximately 34,900 Rs per student. 
    • Time period: there training for digital marketing goes to 6 month as it have lots of modules, they also have numerous other courses.
    • Address: they have different branches all over Delhi which are:
      1. 1002, 10th Floor, Tower-1, Pearls,
        Omaxe Building, Netaji Subhash Place,
        Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034, India

        Digital Academy India, Gurgaon
        H 33/20, DLF Phase 1 Near Gurudwara
        H Block, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001

        Digital Academy India, New Delhi
        B-32, 3rd Floor, Lajpat Nagar 2,
        Nearest Landmark: Lajpat Nagar Metro
        Station, New Delhi, Delhi – 110024
    • Phone: +91-80100-33033
    • Email address:
    • Website: check on to this for any query and more searching.
  7. AIMA: All India management association is been established in 1957 to enhance management capabilities of the society. AIMA offers certified digital marketing couses in collaboration with digital vidya. 
    • Fee: they are taking 36,000 Rs excluding taxes, which could be paid through different modes.
    • Time period: approximately 5 month they asking anyone who is interested in their different digital marketing courses.
    • Address: 
      1. AIMA-management house: 14, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003, India
      2. AIMA- center for education management: 15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar 3, New Delhi -110024
    • Phone: 011 – 24645100 / 011 – 24617354 / 011 – 43128100
    • Website: for more such information checkout there website.
  8. Amity: UGC recognized one of the renowned universities has numerous research and innovation programs. They provide diploma course in digital marketing.
    • Fee: amity university is charging 1,55,000 Rs per student for complete digital marketing course.
    • Time period: there one batch take approximately 12 months for complete course.
    • Address: amity university has different campus in Delhi NCR region:
      • Amity university Noida: sector 125, Noida-201313 (U.P.), 
        • Admission query: Block-J2, Gate No:3, amity university campus sector- 125, noida-201313 (U.P.)
        • Phone No: 0120-2445252 / 4713600, Whatsapp: +91 8448396303
        • Website:
      • Amity university Gurgaon campus: amity education valley, manesar, Gurgaon, haryana.
        • Phone No: 0124-2337015 / 16 / 8826698200 / 201 / 202 / 203 / 9818499225
        • Website:
      • Amity university Greater Noida campus: plot no.48 A, knowledge park 3, grater Noida (U.P.) -201308
        • Phone No: 0120-5065308 / 09, 9810955936, 9971956082
        • Website:
  9. YMCA: young men’s Christian association, an international organization which focuses on the youth development that could offers wide range of skillincluding digital marketing and media management.
    • Fee: YMCA is taking about 1,22,215 Rs for digital marketing full-fledged course.
    • Time period: there one batch takes around full 1 year for complete certified digital marketing course.
    • Address: Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001
    • Phone: 0091-11-43644000
    • Email address:
    • Website: , looking for detailed information does check it out.
  10. Simply Digital:this counts to be one of the best digital marketing institutes in India, they provide latest digital marketing strategies and trend running in the industry. This is also known for its amazing training sessions which basically include practical and up skilling knowledge based structure for the students. 
    • Time period: they have different kind of batches like weekday, weekend, as well as Sunday only courses so time taking would be accordingly. They also provide online batches with the same availability. 
    • Address: 97/1, 1st floor, adhchini, New Delhi-110017
    • Phone: +91-7827068882, +91-9870286520
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for fee and some other detail you may contact or logon to their available website as well as call them directly on the given number.
  11. Digital Payout: it is been started in 2008 and has already trained more than 2000 student across India. They provide both corporate and in-class training session of digital marketing. They have some unique digital marketing curriculum which completely according to the industry perspective. All the faculties are Google certified and has opted clear way to teaching.
    • Fee: their fee goes from 15,000 Rs to 30000 Rs as per the course opted, for more options you could contact the institute directly.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 month for the digital marketing training program. 
    • Address: 301, JOP plaza sector-18, Noida -201301
    • Phone: +91-9212144112, +91-9310044112
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for more information regarding the course module and curriculum do visit their website.
  12. HiAim: they have started the digital marketing courses in 2013. HiAim is one of the best digital marketing course in west delhi. Trained different candidates with various backgrounds. The aim is to provide knowledge that could open different gates toward job opportunities and also a secure the future. 
    • Fee: students have to pay 32,000 Rs in they are interested in full digital marketing course.
    • Time period: institute will take 3 month for the digital marketing training program. 
    • Address: it has different branches in Delhi-NCR region:
      1. Peeragarhi (best digital marketing institute in rohtak & west delhi): Rzn/D-184, basement Peeragarhi chowk rohtak road near, radhakirasoi Delhi-110087
      2. Badarpur: O-67, 2ndflorr, laxmi market, badarpur main chowk, main Mathura road, Delhi-110044
      3. Khanpur: 215, khanpur above punjab national bank deoli mod, main, mehrauli, badarpur road, new Delhi-110062
    • Phone: +91-9212014014
    • Email address: INFO@HIAM.CO
    • Website:, for some more information please visit the website or directly contact them.
  13. Digital Marketing Profs: they are have created the digital marketing course in more of a practical way, has already trained 5500 candidates. They are providing offline as well as online training.
    • Fee: there course cost varies from 18000 Rs to 32,000 Rs according to the course type you have chosen.
    • Time period: they are running 12 weeks full digital marketing expertise course program. It also depend on the batch type which could be weekdays and weekend.
    • Address: they have establish their institute in rohini as: A-1/105-106, secnd floor, sector-6, Rohini, new Delhi-110085
    • Phone: +91-9899712150, +91-9810501504
    • Email address:
    • Website: for any other kind of information directly visit them one of the best digital marketing institute in rohini.
  14. Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing (IIADM): since 2017, they have trained 1000 professionals. They also associated with renowned brands like Reliance, Microsoft, Google, and ebay. They are providing corporate training and also running digital marketing services. 
    • Time period: they have came up with the course of 9 months to 12 month according to the training program you choose which could be advanced digital marketing course or proficient course of digital marketing.
    • Address: third floor, E559, opposite goyal sons, sector 7 dwarka, ramphal chowk , Delhi, 110075
    • Phone: 08130014713, 011-40196841
    • Email address:
    • Website: for any other kind of information directly visit them.
  15. Avyud Academy- Digital Marketing: one of the finest digital marketing training institute that could provide excellent training. They are giving individual training as well as mentorship to enhance the upskills. They are also ensuring 100% placements.
    • Fee: there course fee varies from 30,000 Rs to 45,000 Rs as per the chosen course.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 month time period to complete the digital marketing training.
    • Address: avyud academy private limited 92-F, 3rd floor, hanuman mandir market, munirka, new Delhi-110067
    • Phone: +91-1140254755, +91-8882299111
    • Email address:
    • Website: any other information contact them directly using any method.
  16. Delhi Courses: this institute highly focuses on to the quality of the education and knowledge given to the students, they mostly focus on to the practical sessions and live projects which helps the student to work in the industry comfortably. Delhi Courses is one of the best digital marketing institute in west delhi as well having multiple branches.
    • Fee:they are charging 25,000 Rs – 30,000 Rs per student for full fledged digital marketing course.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 – 4 month to cover the complete digital marketing course.
    • Address: they have different branches in all over Delhi-NCR region:
    • -East Delhi Branch
      404, Chabra Complex, Building 8,
      Patparganj Rd, Veer Savarkar Block, ShakarPur, Dayanand Colony,
      Shakarpur, New Delhi,
      Delhi 110092
    • -North Delhi Branch
      B-1, Kumar House, Plot -06, D Block, Prashant Vihar,
      Nearest Metro : Pitampura Gate 01
      New Delhi 110034
    • Dwarka (West Delhi Branch)
      Plot-71, Ground Floor, Sewak Park, Opp. Metro Pillar-776
      Nearest Metro : Dwaraka More Gate 02
      Dwaraka, west Delhi-110075
    • -Gurugram (Gurgaon) Branch
      Regional Group of Institutions, Pace City 01
      Opposite Rose Land Public School
      Near Hero Honda Chowk
    • – Ghaziabad Branch
      G-126-A, Lajpat Nagar
      Sahibabad, Near Sahibabad Police Station
      Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh,
    • – Ludhiana (Punjab) Branch
      3rd Floor, Shina Health Club Building
      Model town Extension, Near Krishna Mandir
      Ludhiana, Punjab-141002
    • Phone: +91-9540404843, +91-9999043593
    • Email address:
    • Website: for some more information you may directly contact to the institute.
  17. Digital Mantra: this institute is known for its PPC, SEO, and web designing trainings. They believed in money valued training programs, there classroom courses allow student to work onto 40 tools and students are also benefited by having 12 certifications. 
    • Fee: their course cost varies from 18,000 Rs to 69,000 Rs depending upon the time period of the course.
    • Time period: they have different classes pattern according to which time varies from 2.5 month to 3 month, depends upon which cycle you choose.
    • Address: A-73, Sector-2, Noida -201301, INICO DigitalMantra Pvt Ltd.
    • Phone: +91-9871736644, +91-9971566688, 0120-4159656
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for any other kind of information visit the institute directly.
  18. TGC Animation and Multimedia: it is been in the training industry 16 years ago, it now have more than 100 programs in their cycle. They are ISO certified with some of the top placement partners. providing digital marketing courses in south delhi also having other branch.
    • Fee: their course cost varies from 25,000 Rs to 50,000 Rs depending upon the offers going on in the institute for new students or existing students referrals.
    • Time period: they have 2 months to 3 month depending upon how many classes student takes in a week which is divided in two categories normal track or it could fast track.
    • Address:they have two office in Delhi:
      1. East Delhi :
        1. C 57, 2nd floor, preetvihar, opposite pillar No. 81,
        2. Near- preetvihar metro station, Delhi-110092
      2. South Delhi (Head office):
        1. H-85A, 2nd floor,
        2. South Extention, Part-1, new Delhi-110049
    • Phone: 18001020418
    • Email address:
    • Website:, in you are also looking and interested in the institute.
  19. Expert Training Institute: it has been established in 2012 by Mr. Udit Khurana. Institute has trained almost 6000 candidates in these years. They are highly professional and trained their students who could directly hit the floor in the industry.
    • Fee: they cost approximately 25k to 50k as per the training time and course opted by the students.
    • Time period: the course will be elongated upto 3-6 months that is also depend upon the course opted as well as the duration.
    • Address: they have two offices in Delhi:
      1. Rohini address :
        1. 178, 1st floor, jai apartment,
        2. sector 9, rohini, new Delhi-110085
      2. Janakpuri address:
        1. C-10, new Krishna park, vikaspuri,
        2. Near janakpuri west metro station,
        3. New Delhi, delhi-110018
    • Phone: 9958384020, 011-45094463, 9958381938
    • Website:,if anyone want to know more about the institute may visit to their respective website.
  20. Digital Cruise: this is one of the leading company which aim take training to another extent, they have trained almost 1500+ students and has taken up to approximately 50 batches as per our best analysis, its one of the best digital marketing institute in south delhi as well. 
    • Fee: they are taking 25k Rs from one student.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 month from your schedule in want to enroll in digital marketing course.
    • Address: they have different offices in Delhi- NCR region:
      1. East Delhi branch :
        1. 410, chabra complex, veer savarkar block, shakarpur, east Delhi-110092
      2. South Delhi branch:
        1. Coming soon
      3. West Delhi branch:
        1. Plot-71, Ground floor, sewak park, Opp. Metro pillar-776,
      4. North Delhi branch:
        1. B-1, kumar house, plot-06, D block, prashantvihar, pitampura, nearest metro: pitampura gate 01, north Delhi 110034
      5. Gurgaon branch:
        1. Region group of institutions, pace city 01 opposite rose land public school near hero Honda chowk gurugram
      6. Ghaziabad branch:
        1. G-126-A, lajpatnagar Sahibabad, near police station Ghaziabad, U.P.,-201005
    • Phone: 9643756768, 8929090500
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for any further detailed information try contacting institute directly.
  21. Digital Technology Institute(DTI): it offers very lucrative courses that would help student to start from the basics and go further. It has comes under best-rated digital marketing training institute in saket Delhi. They are also providing some of the best tools of digital marketing to their students.
    1. Fee: there fees ranges from 35k to 55k depending on the course type you may pick.
    2. Time period: there advanced digital marketing course takes up to 3 months. 
    3. Address:they have two branches in Delhi-NCR region
      1. Janakpuri branch:
        1. #708 8th floor, westend mall,
        2. janakpuri west, New Delhi-110058
        3. near janakpuri west metro station
      2. Saket branch:
        1. #137, 1st floor, said-UL-Ajabsaket,
        2. New Delhi-110030
        3. Near saket metro station
    4. Phone: 9667065916
    5. Email address:
    6. Website: , if you are really interested in this institute and want to arrange a demo session do contact them.
  22. SSDN Technologies: this is known for its customized programs for any digital marketing aspirant, they could choose the course according to the requirement. They have trained 1000 candidate already, they more focused toward innovative tactics of educating individuals. 
    • Time period: there course time depend up on 20 day to 40 day depending up on the course you pick.
    • Address:M-50, Block M, old DLF colony, sector 14, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
    • Phone: 9999111686
    • Email address:
    • Website:, if you are interested in their profile may contact to them directly.
  23. Lapaas: founded in 2012, they highly belief in goal oriented trainings that could produce industry leader. They hold classroom trainings through highly professional tutors. They have trained huge bunch of students already.
    • Fee: they are charging 40,000Rs plus taxes, it also depend upon the current going offers.
    • Time period: Students have to dedicate 3 month for the full digital marketing course.
    • Address:they are located at 455, shahbaddaulatpur, Delhi-42, IN
    • Phone: +91-9540065704
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  24. Manipal Global: popularly known as manipal education, they have achieved a lot and has created an historic institute, enabling the students to concour the industry with their talent. They are transforming the training pattern and have lots of partners in collaboration for placement.
    • Fee: they are charging 25k plus approximately per student which is moderate fee according to the market analysis.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 months for full digital marketing course per batch.
    • Address:Delhi address-
      Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd 
      256, First floor, Opp. Post Office, 
      Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III 
      New Delhi-110020
    • Phone: 011 – 4055 5000 / 200
    • Email address:
    • Website:, this is the official which is validated all over India.
  25. Edupristine: this is one of the India’s leading training institutes in accounting, analytics, healthcare, finance, and marketing as well. they has company experts which have practical knowledge through their different variety of courses. Their trainers have intensive experience which trains the student to face every new challenge. 
    • Fee: they are asking to pay 25,000 Rs to 33,000 Rs for online and classroom training per student for full digital marketing course and respectively for other sub courses as per the modules of the course.
    • Time period: there online training takes 48 hours long time and offline or classroom training takes 60 hours.
    • Address:Delhi office-
      1. Edupristine #44, 2nd floor, Regal complex,
      2. outer circle, Connaught place, Delhi-110001
    • Phone: 18002005835
    • Email address:
    • Website:, on this official website one could get all the information in detail.
  26. Digiperform: This is one of the trusted and best digital marketing institute in noida and delhi NCR and awarded as Asia’s most trusted brand in digital education. They have 40+ centers all over India and head quarter is in Noida. They have started their journey in 2013 and with lots of ups and down come out to be super shiny.
    • Fee: their fee goes up to 55,000 Rs + GST, they have an option for online as well as offline trainings.
    • Time period: they are taking up to 60 hours to finish the full fledge digital marketing course which include approx. 30 modules and introduction of 40+ tools.
    • Address:A-31, infraline energy,
      1. sector 3, Noida, U.P. 201301
    • Phone: +91-8527611500
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for more information visit the website or contact them directly through any medium.
  27. Digital Institute of computer courses: they have different variety of professional courses with some special practical experiences. It is been more than 10 years when they have first started their classes. 
    • Fee: they are charging 25,000 Rs for full digital marketing course. 
    • Time period: one has to give 2 month to complete the regular digital marketing course. They have two different type of course which could be offline or online.
    • Address:they have two branches in Delhi:
      1. 2nd floor, K-39, central market, Opp. Home Saaz, lajpatnagar part-2, Delhi-110024,
      2. A-138/3, 2nd floor, opp. Walia nursing home, vikasmarg, shakarpur, New Delhi-110092
    • Phone: 8287996284, 7011692253, 9999959129
    • Email address:
    • Website: , for detailed joining as well as course information contact to institute directly.
  28. IT training courses Delhi: this institute is available for every business man, professionals, job seeker, Startup Company whoever is willing to learn digital marketing and seeking some kind of help in the digital marketing filed. They are covering 26 modules and have latest technology, also provide practical training in offline and online mode.
    • Fee: they are taking 19,000 Rs per student for full digital marketing course.
    • Time period: approximately 3 month will take you to complete the whole course, it also depend which batch you pick.
    • Address:they have two branch in Delhi-NCR  region:
      1. Head office:
        • 205,2nd floor, D248/10, balaji business complex, Near laxminagar metro station,Gate No. 1, Laxminagar, new delhu-110092
      1. Noida office:
        1. 203, 2nd floor, A15, sector 3, Noida, near Noida sec16 metro station, Noida-201301
    • Phone: 9971050903
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for detail information contact them directly.
  29. IElevate: it offers practical based knowledge to their student and also accept the student from any background and any source. They have an option in training programs like online and offline classes for best digital marketing course in preet vihar.
    • Fee: 24000 Rs this is the amount they are asking the student to pay weather one time or in installment for a full digital marketing course.
    • Time period:  3.5 months will take you to cover the full digital marketing course in IElevate
    • Address: Preet Vihar:  
      1. G-78, Preet Vihar opposite metro pillar no 101,
      2. Below Shri Rathnam Restaurant, Delhi 110092
    • Phone: 9811222774
    • Email address:
    • Website: 
  30. HTL Infotech : this institute is set up by group of qualified professionals to build a place for training, educating and learning new things. They have different consultancy services and trainings.
    • Fee: 30,000 Rs one has to pay to cover the digital marketing course but it could vary if one want to learn some of its modules
    • Time period: 3 to 4 months will take student to complete the full digital marketing course same as the fee it also depend upon the number of modules and batch you choose.
    • Address: they have two centers:
      1. (Registration office):
        1. B-6/205,Luxmi Complex, Laxmi Nagar,Delhi – 110092.
      2. (Training Center):
        1. C-73,BehindNirula’s Hotel, Sec-2, Noida – 201301. (Near Sec-15 Metro Station)
    • Phone: 9873666776, 8527316776
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  31. Web Training India: they are providing different variety of professional courses as well as IT courses. They also guide the candidate to choose the right training for the career which is the best part.
    • Fee: 20000Rs is the digital marketing course cost which also depends upon the course module and running offers, you may pay it through installment or one time.
    • Time period: 02 months for full digital marketing course.
    • Address: WA 84A IInd Floor, Near Reliance Fresh Shakarpur, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Delhi – 110092
    • Phone: 9871-43-0039, 011-4248-7617
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  32. Digi Manthan: this is one of the leading digital marketing institute in Delhi, established in 2015. 
    • Fee: 15000Rs (For beginner), this will cost for digital marketing beginner course who just want to learn for overview. 20,000 Rs + GST (for advance) for those who want to learn each and every module practically and deeply.
    • Time period: 30 hours for the complete digital marketing course
    • Address:C-11/215, Gurunanak Pura, Laxmi Nagar, Opposite V3S Mall, NirmanVihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, India
    • Phone: +91 11 4902 7268, +91 9540 438 438
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  33. Coim: It is completely Delhi based digital marketing institute located in two different places in Delhi. Since 2015, it offers high class training with different module of digital marketing and become one of the most trending skillful institutes. 
    • Fee: there fee highly depend upon what course you pick ranges from 2500 Rs to 21,000 Rs as they have different course category within digital marketing.
    • Time period: this as well depend which course you pick  with min 5 days training to 4 months for complete digital marketing course.
    • Address: they have two location:
      1. Rohini:
        1. C 8/28 2nd floor rohini sector 7, 
        2. Delhi 110085, near metro pillar No. 394
      2. Laxmi nagar:
        1. U-158, 2nd floor shakarpur, Delhi 110092, near to laxmi nagar metro station
    • Phone: 09999516655 
    • Website: for more information login to the website.
  34. RSM digital: if you really want to digitalize your career or maybe your business this is the correct institute to go, started by some of the experienced digital marketing industry experts, covered almost 100+ batches, and has live project-based training. 
    • Fee: fee goes from Rs 5000 to Rs 75000 which completely depend on which course is been selected, as digital marketing consist of many small-small courses.
    • Time period: there duration of class varies from 80 hrs to 160 hrs which is also dependent on the course type.
    • Address: there were many branches one of the best digital marketing institute in Ghaziabad delhi NCR:
      1. For enquiry/ admission
        1. 5, advocate chambers, above café coffee day, near dominos, on gaur central mall road, RDC, raj nagar, Ghaziabad- Delhi NCR 201002
      1. Raj nagar branch:
        1. B-5, R-5/120, Raj nagar sector-5,
        2. Ghaziabad- Delhi NCR-2012002
      2. Shastra nagar branch:
        1. M-67, M block, block SM, Shastra nagar, Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR-201002
      1. Other branches
        1. Laxmi nagar, Delhi
        2. Shalimar garden, ghaziabad
    • Phone: 7065700476
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  35. Web training India: it offers very lucrative courses which would help to create expert digital marketing; they always try to apt 3 to 5 students. We update the course on regular basis. They cover the practical training with different modules.
    • Fee: they are charging 15,000 Rs for full digital marketing course and it also depend on which course you pick.
    • Time period: they are asking to give your 4 months for the complete digital marketing course.
    • Address: WA 84A IInd Fllor, Near Reliance Fresh Shakarpur,
      1. Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Delhi – 110092
    • Phone: 9871430039
    • Email address:
    • Website: 
  36. Digital path: this Noida based institute is well prepared for any type of student weather it would be professional or college student. They treat everyone with equal rights.
    • Address: A-12/13, A block, sector 16, Noida, U.P.
    • Phone: 9313505637
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  37. Digital Kal:  digital kal is a consultancy and the company, located in Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc. they have experts with the capabilities and knowledge that could handle the crowd easily.
    • Fee: they are taking 49,999 Rs excluding GST for full digital marketing course. It could be paid in installments.
    • Time period: they are taking approximately 3 months to complete the full digital marketing course; the time for other courses could vary.
    • Address: A-13, sector 62, synergy tower, First floor, Opposite Noida electronic metro station, Noida-201309
    • Phone: 8800684411
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  38. Digital edge institute: they call them one of the best Asian institutes, started in 2013. They have trained approximately 5000 students across India. They aim to provide quality resources to each and every candidate that will full the need of the digital marketing industry. This is the unit of trionfo IT services Pvt Ltd. 
    • Time period: they guarantee to cover the full digital marketing course in 3 month and 6 month.
    • Address: they have two branches one in Delhi and one in Noida
      1. A-23, 3rd floor, sector-2 noida-201301, near Noida-15 metro station, 
      2. 156, kapil vihar, 1st floor, pitampura 110034, delhi
    • Phone:  8447470220, 1204125020
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  39. Asian institute of digital marketing: it is a leading digital marketing institute that provides training in different sectors, many students have passed out and got placed. 
    • Fee: it will totally depend upon the course you pick,
    • Time period: it will also depend upon the course type.
    • Address: A-13, Mohan park, Laxmi nagar, Delhi-110092
    • Phone: 9205903598
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  40. Koderey Techstack: it is an ISO certified institute as well as approved by DMCA. They believe in personal attention towards every students. They have highly experienced faculty, personal grooming and branding classes are also been provided by the institute.
    • Fee: there fees varies from 25000Rs to 60,000Rs depending upon the course module.
    • Time period: they are taking approximately 3-6 month for the full digital marketing course.
    • Address
      1. J-32, 2nd floor, opp metro pillar number 362, ramesh nagar, new Delhi-110015,
      2. A-8, lower grd. Floor, Block A, rajouri garden, Delhi-110027
    • Phone: 1140079779, 9700793981
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  41. Digital edge: They offers very lucrative courses which would help student to start from the basics and could go little higher in the respective career. They have started the institute in 2013 and trained approximately 5000 people all over India.
    • Fee: they charge according to the course type and module choices.
    • Time period: the entire digital marketing course will take approximately 3 month to 6 months.
    • Address: they have two branches in Delhi-NCR:
      1. 156 kapil vihar, 1st floor, pitampura 110034, Delhi,
      2. A-23, 3rd floor, sector-2, Noida 201301,
        1. Near to sector 15 metro station.
    • Phone: 8447470220, 1204125020
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  42. National school of internet marketing: popularly known as NSIM, has a huge platform for digital marketing students. This is based in south Delhi has numerous professional courses including digital marketing. 1000+ candidates have already been passed from the institute.
    • Fee: this institute is taking 21000 Rs for the full digital marketing course which could be paid in installments.
    • Time period: they are taking 3 months to complete the digital marketing course.
    • Address: H-11, 1st floor, south extention part 1, new Delhi-110049
    • Phone: 98110020518
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for more detail log on to the website or call directly
  43. Delhi institute of computer courses: known as DICC, it was founded in 2009, aiming to train and build professionals. They provide every variety of professional computer training including digital marketing. They try to satisfy the student from there study methods and practical support which make the candidate industry ready.
    • Fee: they provide online as well as offline courses within the cost of 35,000Rs, it also depend upon the course you pick.
    • Time period: it totally depends which course you pick and the batch type you choose. Approximately time takes from 3 months to 6 months.
    • Address: they have many branches in Delhi:
      1. South Delhi:
        1. K-39, 2nd floor, central market, lajpat nagar, part-2 Delhi-110024
        2. Phone: 9899127357
      2. North Delhi:
        1. B2, party palace, Britannia chowk, Lawrence road, near shakarpur metro station,
        2. Phone: 9999959129
      3. East Delhi:
        1. A-138, 2nd floor, vikas marg, shakarpur, near metro pillar No.39, Opposite to walia nursing home, 
        2. Phone: 8287996284
      4. Noida:
        1. C-46, sector-20, Noida, UP. Near DM chowk
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  44. Admec multimedia institute: ISO certified this institute is developed to fulfill the demand of the market for the professionals. They have different professional courses one of them is digital marketing. They provide online as well as classroom training students could pick any of them.
    • Time period: there course is of 4 month long, so one has to attend classes for full digital marketing course. It could vary in online of offline classes. 
    • Address: C-7/114, 2nd floor , sector -7, rohini, Delhi-85
    • Phone:  9811818122, 9911782350
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  45. Learning catalyst: established in 2009, from then they guarantee 100% job placement. Providing offline and online courses for all working professionals as well as corporate trainings. They have a facility of having one on one mentorship.
    • Fee: there fees goes from 25,000Rs to 35,000Rs depending upon the course you may pick.
    • Time period: they guarantee to cover the whole digital marketing course in 2 months.
    • Address: A-66, FF, kalkaji, OPP. Aggarwal sweets, new Delhi-110019
    • Phone: 8976105325, 022-26128208
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  46. Digital marketing saga: this is Rohini based institute. Have trained IT professionals, they have courses for beginners as well as advanced. Institute also provides practical sessions on latest technology and technique in personalized classroom training.
    • Address: A-1, 106, Ground floor, Rohini sector-6, near ayodhya chowk, Delhi-86
    • Email address:
    • Website:, for more information contact to institute directly.
  47. Besant technology: one of the fines IT software training institute, it is the division of BDreamz. They share different employment opportunities to every trainee, from past years they have 85% placement. They have branches in Chennai, Bangalore, etc
    • Fee: it ranges from 9999Rs to 11999Rs for full digital marketing course.
    • Time period: they cover the course in approximately 30 hours to 45 hours with some real time working models and projects.
    • Phone: 9707250260
    • Website:, for any more information contact to institute directly.
  48. Simpli learn: this is one of the leading certification training providers. They have collaborated with many companies and also have individual to address with their unique needs. They have 400 courses, 2000+ qualified trainers and started their institute in 2009.
    • Fee: there fee is of 44,999 Rs which could be paid on EMI basis 
    • Time period: they have a period of 365 days where learners could go as per their choice.
    • Address: 2nd Floor, KLJ Tower, District Centre, North, B-5, Netaji Subhash Place, Wazirpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110034
    • Phone: 18002127688
    • Website:
  49. SLA(structured-learning-assistance): this is ISO certified in 2015, and grown rapidly in 10 years. For some short term certifications courses they are well trained, any one could join the institute anytime.
    • Time period: there course period is of 80 hr to 140 hrs for full digital marketing course.
    • Address: there are different branches in all over Delhi:
      1. Head office: 82-83, 3rd floor, vijiy block, above titan eye shop, metro pillar No 52, laxmi nagar, new Delhi-110092
      2. Branch office gurgaon: 3rd floor, gourav plaza, DLF phase-2 sikanderpur, metro pillar No 50, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002
      3. Noida office: #E-48, first floor, sector 3, near sector 16 metro station, Noida, U.P. 201301
      4. WTC Noida: coming soon
        1. Phone: 9310803536
    • Phone: 9999340200, 9999491895, 011-47519207, 9999340492
    • Email address:, 
    • Website:
  50. Delhi institute of digital marketing: this institute has grown as one of the leading marketing institute, has contributed enough to educate the world. DIDM and online strikers are both the part of dayitwa consultancy services from past many years. 
    • Fee: there fees structure ranges from 15k to 45k depending upon the course and modules it contain. Having different options for payment like EMI or installments.
    • Time period: it depends upon the course you pick.
    • Address: they have different campus in Delhi-NCR
      1. Gurugram:
        1. M-41, 2nd floor, old DLF colony, sector-14, opp. Krishna mandir, gurugram
      2. Dwarka:
        1. E-557, 2nd floor, Opp, goyal sons, near ramphal chawk, sector-7, new Delhi-110077
      3. Noida:
        1. Delhi institute of digital marketing C/o news 24, film city, sector 16A, Noida, U.P. 201301
      4. South Delhi:
        1. Plot No-12, 3rd floor, satya niketan, near moti bagh, Opp. Venketeshwar college, new Delhi 110021
      5. Preet vihar:
        1. 2,3rd floor, park End, vicar marg preet vihar, new Delhi-110092
      6. Pitampura:
        1. 150, 1st floor, kapil vihar, pitampura, Opp. Metro pillar No-353 & gulab sweets, new Delhi-110034
    • Phone: 8800505151
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  51. DSDM: this institute offers very lucrative courses that would help student to start from the basics and this is one of the best digital marketing institute in Delhi which covers all the broad range of courses.
    • Time period: it would take approximately 3-4 month to complete the digital marketing course in DSDM.
    • Address: Delhi school of digital marketing, WZ-90A, first floor, chaudhary dilip singh comple, matke vaali gali, jawala heri market, paschim vihar, new Delhi-110063, India, 
    • Phone: 9873922350
    • Email address:, 
    • Website:
  52. ECT: this is a certified institute, on the name of digital impulse online private limited. They focus on theory as well as train their student to work on live projects which will help the students to work in the industry easily.
    • Fee: they are charging 25000 Rs – 30,000 Rs for full digital marketing courses.
    • Time period: it will take approximately 3-4 month to complete the full digital marketing course.
    • Address: education and career times-
      1. M 138, 3rd floor, Connaught place, new Delhi- 110001
      2. G 284, 1st floor, sector 63, Noida, U.P. 201301
    • Phone: 7827916060
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  53. Kangaroo Wings: this is one of the recognized institute with digital marketing courses like SEO, PPC, YouTube marketing, SMM. They also have some other technical courses. Provide adword and analytics certification to their students. 
    • Fee: they have categorized fee structure which ranges from INR 25,000/- to INR 1,25,000/-
    • Time period: it depend upon the course you pick from there catergorisation.
    • Address: there are two branches in Delhi:
      1. Noida or east Delhi- B-17, 2nd floor, new ashok nagar, opp metro pillar no 163, besides Om sai complex.
      2. Central Delhi/ Connaught place- L29- L34, 1st, floor, AWFIS, besides haldiram. Connaught place, Delhi,metro station: rajiv chowk, by gate no.4.
    • Phone: 9711413642,9953497000
    • Email address: for more details contact us at
    • Website: you may also visit on to the website
  54. Internet marketing school: it provides advance and comprehensive courses as per the industrial requirement. They impart practical knowledge to their students rather then focusing on to the theory part. They have two types of digital marketing course one is certification and other is premium program.
    • Fee: both the courses have different fee structure which could be known to institute directly.
    • Time period: both the programs has different time period from 70 hours to 130 hours. Giving 12 to 16 certificates.
    • Address: having two branches in Delhi:
      1. Malviya nagar: C-64, 1st floor, shivalik main road, malviya nagar, new Delhi-110017, landmark: above honey and dough.
      2. Nirman vihar, Delhi: F-16, 1st floor, metro pillar no. 54, vijay block, vikas marg, laxmi nagar, new Delhi-110092, land mark: above Bata showroom.
    • Phone: 97773713006, 9643003721
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  55. Digital training india: this is one of the prime institute of east Delhi, providing all the courses in affordable prices. They have higher quality education as well as provide digital industries requirement. They also motivate student to join digital world by their own.
    • Fee: INR 20,000 is the official digital marketing course fee, they have weekend as well as weekday batches.
    • Time period: it totally depends on the type of course you choose or plan of the course you pick, it goes from 4 months to 5 months.
    • Address: B-1/2A Yamuna Vihar near Anand Sagar restaurant, Delhi 110053
    • Phone: 8860705050, 01140195702
    • Email address: you may write to them at for more detail.
    • Website: visit their official website for more information.
  56. National Institute of Internet Marketing: this is one of the profound institute that has innovative courses in digital marketing like professional digital marketing, MBA digital marketing, E-Commerce digital marketing, and advance digital marketing. They also provide scholarships as well as loans.
    • Time period: it highly depend on the course you pick.
    • Address: B-1/1, janakpuri, near janakpuri east metro station, pillar no 542, dharma marg, new Delhi, Delhi 110058
    • Phone: for counseling or any query connect with them @8882222261, 
    • Email address: if you want to contact them using email write them @
    • Website: visit to their official website for more details 
  57. CTCDC: Croissant Technology Career Development Center is leading the digital marketing training sector working since 2016, promising 100% placement all over the globe. Customized digital marketing are available for businessman, students, job seekers or other professionals.
    • Fee: it depend on the type of course you pick.
    • Time period: it takes 4 to 6 months flexible time period.
    • Address: 156, Ist floor pocket F-17, sector 8, Rohini, New Delhi-110085
    • Phone: for more detailed information call them @ 011-45075407, 9558244444
    • Email address: you may also connect with them at
    • Website:
  58. Insider academy: it is one of the best institute for online digital marketing course to all the students, other professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives as well as sales professionals. they guarantee their course to be full of innovation and creativity. They also provide demo sessions. 
    • Fee: it depends up on to the course structure and course type.
    • Time period: they claim to complete digital marketing course in 37+ hours according to the batch type you pick.
    • Address: head office (Noida) B-76, basement, Noida sector 2, near- Noida sec 15, metro station, 
    • Phone: for more details and chat you may contact them at:
      1. For trial session: 9899008184
      2. Mobile number: 7838642142
      3. Landline number: 120-4292713
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  59. EDU Converge: institute has been in rule from 2012, have highly trained trainers with real time industry experience. Student could join them up to 6 months after completing their courses. 
    • Fee: it cost INR 30,000 for the full digital marketing course and it could be paid into three installments.
    • Time period: they are promising to complete the course in 40 hours, it highly depend upon the batch type.
    • Address:301/404, greenwood plaza, Block-B, greenwood city, Sec-45 gurugram, Haryana, India.
    • Phone: for any query do dial 9355211551/50
    • Email address: if you want to write anything then please remember
    • Website: for more detailed information and specification visit their official website.
  60. Digital Hikes: institute running successfully in India and abroad. They provide 6 months comprehensive training session so student could practice what they have learned. They are also providing stipend to their student to the willing candidates.
    • Fee: they provide scholarship to the students, get the best quotation by visiting or contacting the institute only.
    • Time period: they give 6 months to the digital marketing course.
    • Address: 304, Amba tower, 3rd floor, DC Chowk, sector 9, rohini, Delhi, 110085
    • Phone: 7399299199
    • Email address:
    • Website: for more details logon to.
  61. Course Crown: Is one of the leading learning organizations which helps people to grow bigger and give an higher tangent. They also provide free trials to all the students or professionals.
    • Fee: different courses have different fee range starting from INR 10,000 for SEO only, etc.
    • Time period: it highly goes with the course and its raising modules as well as the type of batch you chooses.
    • Address
      1. C-15, near nirula restaurant, sector 2, Noida, uttar Pradesh 201301
      2. 320A, B2, 2rd Floor, Spaze, tech park, sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana, 122018
      3. B-1155, shastra Nagar, new Delhi-110052
    • Phone:  7550777648, for more details call them or connect with them on whatsapp on the same number shown.
    • Email address:
    • Website: for more information click on to their website.
  62. Training Globe: they claim to train in such a way that it is much more effective then others. Its founder Archana Shukla belives in building an ecosystem of professional employment and trainings. 
    • Address: 7th floor Tower 1, Assotech business cresterra, plot-22, sector 135, Noida, UP
    • Phone:  7840068855
    • Email address:
    • Website: visit their website for detailed course view and other information.
  63. Classes of professionals: they have advances features like online classes, dynamic teacher which facilitate with different capabilities and numerous mind and skills.
    • Fee: INR 20,000 plus taxes
    • Time period: 2 months with class duration of 1 hours per class
    • Address : Flat No 8G, 8th floor, Gopala tower, Rajender place, new Delhi-110008 
    • Phone: whatsapp- 874498672, call- 011-45027263
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  64. Great learning: they are providing a free 5 page website, claiming 100% placement to the student and has professional trainers. Two types of digital marketing courses are available like basic and advanced. Has two types of batches: weekend and weekday. 
    • Address: 301, F-16, preet vihar, new Delhi- 110092
    • Phone: 9871115065
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  65. Digital acharya: they provide different facilities to their students , providing practical training with live projects, lifetime access in learning management school where they may be allowed to learn about different things.
    • Address
      1. Wz-54, 3rd floor opposite metro pillar No- 219, west patel nagar, shadipur, new Delhi, Delhi 110008
      2.  G 30, 1st floor, block G, lajpat nagar 2, lajpat nagar, new Delhi, Delhi 110024
    • Phone: 011-25706219/ +91-7834807770,71,72,73,74,75,76
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  66. Dmsteps: they count themselves as one of the best institute in Delhi, providing backup classes, certain certifications, doubt clearing classes, etc. for every student attending digital marketing classes they are giving free classes for personality development and communication skills.
    • Fee
    • Time period
    • Address: E-2 / 187, shastra nagar new Delhi- 110052 
    • Phone: 7011466766
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  67. Dg Royals: they are certified digital marketing coaching institute, with affordable fee and commendable trainings. They have certified course in digital marketing as well as certified master course in digital marketing,
    • Fee: the fees would be according to the course they provide
    • Time period: time is as per the course type as master course has 50 modules and normal course has 37 modules so time taken would be as per the modules.
    • Address: 107, 2nd floor mall road, GTB nagar, nearby metro gate No-1, Delhi-110009
    • Phone: 8585959688/ 8447726000
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  68. BISDM : British International School of Digital Marketing is just arrived in India after their successful running institutes in UK, US, Canada. They have opted contemporary teaching techniques, one could learn from basics to advanced level of digital marketing. They also provide live sessions at 7672007300
    • Address: A-3, 2nd Floor, milap Nagar, Uttam nagar, new Delhi-110059
    • Phone: 7672007300 
    • Email address:, for any query contact them directly.
    • Website:
  69. Upgrad: It serves the best management courses and all the other digital marketing courses. they provide online classes and considered one of the best institute for online classe
    • Time period: 5 to 6 months
    • Address:  Ground Floor, Nishuvi 75 Dr. Annie Besant Road Worli, Mumbai – 400018
    • Phone: 1800 210 2020
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  70. Digital Edge Institute: It offers and boosts the level of confidence with new SEO tricks and tactics for the best digital marketing course. They provide corporate and  in-class training to job seekers, working professionals, students, etc. 
    • Address: A-23, 3rd Floor, Sector-2, Noida-201301, Near Noida-15 Metro Station, Just 2 Min Walking Distance ( Noida Branch)
    • Address: 156 Kapil Vihar 1st Floor, Pitampura 110034,
    • Delhi Opposite to Metro Pillar Number 355 (Delhi Branch)
    • Phone:  +91- 844-747-0220
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  71. Digital Paradize:  It serves the best and effective courses this would really get the best basics and learning strategy from this available system. They believe in inspiring the world with digital media power. 
    • Time period:  4 to 5 months course
    • Address: B 39 near PVR plaza Block B Connaught place, New Delhi
    • Phone: +91 88002634403
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  72. SEOCLICK Solutions Private Limited : It serves and offers the best approaches to the digital marketing, they provide advance digital marketing course. Providing lots of certifications including
    • Fee: INR 50,000
    • Time period: 6 months
    • Address: SEOCLICK Solutions Private Limited, 524, City Centre, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075, India
    • Phone: +91-8745874581
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  73. SEO Training: It serves the innovative SEO tools with the best ever practices to nurture the growth. they give summer training, internships, professional courses to students. 
    • Time period: 4 months
    • Address: Address: F-3, Mrignayani Chowk, Block F, Dilshad Garden, Delhi – 110095
    • Phone: +91 63999 61043
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  74. Aptron: It facilitates the best training of all the best and finest courses like industrial training and many more training courses. They claim for 100% placement after the training with good packages. 
    • Fee
    • Time period: they have multiple batches option like regular, weekend, 5 day and take 45-60 day, 8 weekends, 5 days in fast track course.
    • Address: Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi, Delhi 110070
    • Phone: +91-7065271000
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  75. Eduburg: It offers many of the tech courses and the digital marketing courses; they are in the market since 2008.
    • Fee: their course fee is INR 25,000, they also accept payment in installments.
    • Time period: they are completing the course in 4 months with 60 modules.
    • Address: EAST DELHI BRANCH
      1. 410, Chabra Complex, Veer Savarkar block, Shakarpur, East Delhi-110092
      1. Plot-71, Ground Floor, Sewak Park, Opp. Metro Pillar-776 Nearest Metro : Dwaraka More Gate 02, Dwaraka, West Delhi-110075
      1. B-1, Kumar House, Plot -06, D Block, Prashant Vihar, PItampura, Nearest Metro : PItampura Gate 01, North Delhi 110034
      1. Regional Group of InstItutions, Pace CIty 01 OpposIte Rose Land Public School Near Hero Honda Chowk Gurugram
      1. G-126-A, Lajpat Nagar Sahibabad, Near Sahibabad Police Station Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, UP-201005
    • Phone:  +91 9990147468 / 9911373960
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  76. AttItude Tally Academy:  It offers the best accounting courses and along wIth the basics of computer knowledge including all the multimedia courses like websIte designing, fashion designing etc. providing short and long term classes.
    • Time period:  4 to 5 months
    • Address
      1. Yamuna Vihar: B-2/19A, behind B-block Bus Stand, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053
      2. Uttam Nagar: WZ-13 A/B, Above Syndicate Bank, Nearest Metro (Uttam Nagar East) Pillar No. 655, Main Najafgarh Road, Uttam Nagar, Delhi-110059
    • Phone: +91-9654382235 / 011-43522158
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  77. Pro School Online: It offers the computer courses, management courses and the digital marketing courses which develop the best skills in the candidates. It has many branches in India like Mumbai, kerala and delhi
    • Fee: for classroom training they are charging INR 30,000 and for online classes they are charging INR 18,000
    • Time period: both the courses is going to take 3 months.
    • Address: K7/5, 1st Floor, DLF Phase-2, Gurgaon, Adjacent to Crystal Children Centre, Nearest Metro- MG Road.
    • Phone: 7710044425
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  78. Croma Campus:  they have 15 years in the training field, they have a proper cycle for placement including assessments, grooming sessions, training, study materials, interviews, etc.
    • Time period: they have 30 hours training for a complete digital marketing course.
    • Address:   G-21, Sector-03,  Noida -201301 (India) (Near Sector-16 Metro Station)
    • Phone: +91-120-4155255 / +91-9711526942, whatsapp: 9818014543
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  79. InstItute of Film Training and Digital Marketing(IFTDM): this is a fair clear institute for digital marketing as well as film making industry. They are willing to train new talent for both the professional courses.
    • Time period: they have two slots one with 4 months and second with 6 months course duration
    • Address:   C-68 Ground Floor Sector -65,Noida Uttar Pradesh – 201301
    • Phone: (+91) 9355235555
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  80. Cetpa Infotech:  this has many branches across India like lucknow, Noida, rurkee, etc.they have many professional courses with them, they also offer the best sources and training of digital marketing.
    • Address:  D-58, Sector-2, Near Red FM. Noida -201301,Uttar Pradesh
    • Phone: +91-9212172602
    • Email address: query@cetpainfotech
    • Website:
  81. India InstItute of Computer Science(IICS): IICS is the NIELIT institute in Delhi, which provides almost all types of IT professional training. It offers the basics of computer technologies and even the advanced technology of computers.
    • Time period: 4 months
    • Address
      1. East Delhi Branch: E-360, 2nd Floor, Nirman Vihar Near Metro Station Gate No.-03 Delhi-110092
      2. South Delhi Branch: B-38 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar Part 2 , Near Metro Station pillar No. 4 New Delhi 110024
    • Phone:  9540299944
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  82. Skill Circle:  It offers courses like data analytics, data science , digital marketing, UI/UX development. They have highly trained and professional trainers which helps students to accomplish their dream.
    • Time period:  5 to 6 months
    • Address: Place L29 – L34, First Floor, Near Haldiram’s Bhujiawala, Block L, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
    • Phone: +91-9899140180
    • Email address: info@skillcircle
    • Website:
  83. Digital Marketing Steps(DMS): this is the only institute that provides digital marketing courses free of cost. They have a team of experts and professionals in every aspect. 
    • Fee: free
    • Time period:  4 to 5 months
    • Address: New Delhi, india
    • Phone:  +91 7557557007
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  84. Digital Marketing School Network(DMSN): after establishing in 2016 it gave a lot of new direction to the training pattern as it provides an online student information system to all of their students which helps them to collect online tutorial, learning materials, their assessment scores, etc. 
    • Address:  Head Office : BF-1, Third Floor, Above HDFC Bank, Tagore Garden OpposIte Tagore Garden Metro Station Delhi – 110027
    • Phone: 8800301296
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  85. High Technologies Solutions:  This institute attracts the students for many reasons, as they have good backup classes facility, great tutors with industrial experience, etc. they always promote individual learning and minimum batch capacity.
    • Address:  N-18, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019
    • Phone: 9311002620
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  86. What after College: they believe in giving skills to students to get a better job or to make them job ready which is a great initiative. In their teaching culture as well they take good care about industrial demand and students ability.
    • Address: 1009, Indra Prakash Building, Barakhamba Road,Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, India.
    • Phone:  +91-9643-209-209
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  87. Digital Marketing Training (DMT): they are promising 100% placement, practical classes with explained theory.It offers very extensive courses that would help student to start from the basics of the computer
    • Fee
    • Time period: 4 months for complete digital marketing course.
    • Address:  Digi Infotech, 4th Floor, Plot No. 133, DP House, Lane No.1, Saidulajab, Near Saket Metro Parking,  New Delhi – 110030
    • Phone:  7827946139
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  88. National Institute of Advance Management Course(NIAMC): it is a highly professional institute which offers digital marketing courses to job seekers, students, entrepreneurs. After inauguration in 2018 it always dreamed up and trained lots of students in different fields.
    • Fee: it could be asked to the institute directly
    • Time period: 4 to 5 months
    • Address:  207, old gupta colony, vijay nagar new delhi, Delhi 110009
    • Phone: +919315596823
    • Email address:  Info.niamc@gmail.Com
    • Website:
  89. Green Box Digital Institute: this institute has geared up its course by giving commendable facilities to their students, It offers the append able courses of digital marketing. They also offer softwares and tools to the trainees.
    • Fee
    • Time period
    • Address: Cottage 6A 2nd Floor West Patel Nagar New Delhi 110008
    • Phone: 08860084584/ 1141063758
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  90. Madrid Software Training: it is purely Delhi based training institute which provides skills to students to make their professional life better. They offer totally market based techniques and their students get placement hand in hand.
    • Time period: 3 months duration of full digital marketing course including live projects, and its different modules.
    • Address: Plot No.262, First Floor, Near ITDC, In Front Of Satnam Farm, Westend Marg, Behind Saket Metro Station, Saket, New Delhi – 110030
    • Phone: +91 – 9560785589
    •  Email address:
    • Website:
  91. Delhi Digital Studies(DDS): institute is known for its perfection in the training sector,  offers the basic courses that can handle all those techniques which are recommendable to learn about digital marketing.
    • Address: G9-10, Vikasdeep Building, Laxmi Nagar District Center, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110092
    • Phone: +91-8368685611  /  +91-8929308988
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  92. Trident Consultant: this institute is one of the best for digital marketing as it provides training by highly professional and experienced trainers on live projects, has experts in each and every field of digital marketing. 
    • Time period:  5 to 6 months
    • Address:  B-8, Basement, Near Sector 15 Metro Station, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    • Phone: 8287494029
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  93. Professional InstItute of Marketing And Strategy: PIMS offers the best and foremost courses about the management sectors and the digital marketing courses. 
    • Fee: INR 35,000, is the fee for a full digital marketing course.
    • Time period:  3 months duration
    • Address:  A-44A, behind Mcdonald’s Restaurant, near Metro Station Road, Sector 16, Noida
    • Phone:  +91 78400 44401
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  94. Digital School of Delhi : They have started their institute in 2016, from then they have raised the bar for other institutes in this sector.It offers very lucrative courses that would help students to start from the basics.Time period:  it depends on the course and its type.
    • Address:  
    • Badarpur Branch – Plot No. F2,First Floor, Street No.1, Mohan Baba Nagar, Main Tajpur Road, Badarpur New Delhi – 110044
    • Faridabad branch: SCF-34, 1st floor,, sec 16A, near post office, Faridabad-121002
    • Phone: +91 9582170106
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  95. F-Tech Skill Development: it is a step taken by the Foresight Edutech Pvt. Ltd. which is NSDC partnered. They came into training market in 1995 slowly they spread their arms into different sectors and today they are almost in 15 sectors, working n 10 different states of India. They also provide scholarships upto INR 20,000.
    • Time period:  they claim their duration of the course to be 40 hours. 
      1. AB-6, Safdarjung Enclave,
      2. New Delhi 110029
    • Phone: 011-40517335, 41094328
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  96. Make in Turn:  This institute provides training, workshops and internships in different sectors and industries. Acquire major parts of India and has branches in almost 6-7 cities. 
    • Fee: they take about INR 15,000 for full digital marketing fee in which they provide lifetime recording access. 
    • Time period:  3 months for full digital marketing course and it could be in online and offline mode of training.
    • Address:  Make Intern, B-52, B Block, Allied Tower, B1 CommunIty Centre, Janakpur , Block B1, New Delhi
    • Phone: 011 – 49095855
    • Email address: Enquiry@Makeintern.Com
    • Website:
  97. Web Helpy Technologies:  they provide digital marketing training with live projects along with content management, wordpress, ecommerce, SMO PPC, ADword, etc. they accept every type of student whether it is student, businessman, serviceman, etc.
    • Time period:  they take approx 5 to 6 months for a complete digital marketing course.
    • Address:  LG-22,Basement,Shubham Plaza, HUDA Staff Colony,Sector-16 Faridabad, Haryana 121002
    • Phone: 8130326003
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  98. DM guru: this is the digital marketing institute in gurgaon majorly emphasis on live projects providing improved resume and better work experience to the students.
    • Time period:  they take 3 months for the complete digital marketing course.
    • fees: they have different courses and fee vary according to the course, full digital marketing course is 44,000 Rs.
    • Address:  761, JMD Megapolis, sohna road sector 48, Gurugram, haryana 122001
    • Phone: 9718240005
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  99. Delhi Digital Marketing School: DDMS is a renowned institute in Delhi that provides digital marketing courses according to the new trends and updated study material. 
    • Address: J-140, 1st floor, vishnu garden near shani shakti mandir, subhash nagar delhi-110027
    • Phone: 9953152169
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  100. MIBM global:  it’s a certified institute, it focuses on spreading education in every sphere of the society.
    • Address: E-193, first floor, sector-63, noida, 201301
    • Phone: 120-4571323, 9690900054
    • Email address:
    • Website:
  101. kapil heera:  kapil heera is a blogger who wrote about digital marketing. He also provides good education to students regarding digital marketing and also shares professional experiences.
    • Address:  404, chabra complex, building 8, patparganj rd, veer savarkar block, dayanand colony, new delhi.
    • Phone: 9990147468
    • Email address:
    • Website:

All institutes above providing the required certificates of Google and different social media along with the institute certificate according to me it doesn’t matter how many certificates you have if you have real time practice only it define that you know each and every rule that’s it, because things like PPC and many display ad and its bidding will not be coming only by taking the certificates it by its application and creating Ads and using different techniques of Digital marketing. If anyone looking only for certificate then choose the most famous one or if I say the one taking least amount (Course Fee), Most important all this certificates are been provided free of cost to everyone so anyone charging anything on the name of certificate you know what to say,

Apart from this there are some more thing wanted to tell you:

  • TOOLS: All the tools or wordpress themes provided by the institute are totally free for them because what they do is they provide you the free trial sessions or some sort of crack of all the tools and after that trial one needs to purchase it by them.
  • Before joining anywhere try to get the demo in their running classes to be clearer about the joining.


All the above information about Digital Marketing Institute data is based on google search and respective institute website, The Digital Education does not take any responsibility if any information is wrong. 

  • For the Institute, if you found any information wrong and want to change/Fix, you can email us on we will correct the information.
  • For Candidates, please don’t believe on above mentioned data if you want to join any institute, join at your own research and risk, The Digital Education will not take any type of responsibility if you will face any type of wrong commitment from any Institute.

The institute above numbering is not having any relation with the ranking of the institute; it’s merely the pattern of writing.

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