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Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From the drastic boom of dotcom to its bust and the resulting online businesses shape-ups the new term as a born for them is digital marketing. It is very broad and has many parts in it. In a competitive age, it is very important to stay ahead from your competitors either you are a business or a student. Both of them need advantages over their rivalry. One of the most known techniques of digital marketing used in today's world is Search Engine Optimization over the internet. These are SEO techniques and strategies enable a website owner or online business to get high rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). With this advantage, we can easily understand the demand for SEO professionals in the present era. So, it is important to learn SEO today only from the best SEO Course in Delhi. We at The Digital Education are known to provide the best SEO Training in Delhi. We have a long list of students, corporate employees and others who come to us to learn and get training for SEO courses in Laxmi Nagar Delhi NCR.

We cover 6 modules in Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing Overview and Fundamental

Digital marketing is the most renowned and well-known term these days. Every...

E-Business Website Planning & Creation

A website is like a super-set of information about a specific subject....

Creating Online Business Strategies

We are living in a highly competitive world living ahead from your...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this module, you learn, what search engine, search engine policies, and...

Google Analytics & Webmaster

Google analytics and webmaster is all about measuring, analyzing and improving the...

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

E-Commerce is normally termed as Electronic Marketing. It is a well-known way...

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Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Curriculum

How would you show your online presence without having a website? If you already have a website but not optimized according to Search Engine Guidelines then it becomes critical to show it on the web and get ranking on Google and other search engine and organic traffic. We give training on basic website designing standards and how to make it SEO-friendly. Our professional trainers give you hands-on experience on different CMS tools available.
What you should know before initiating SEO for a Website?
• Domain and Hosting

• Uploading website on the server

• Installing WordPress CMS tools
• Exploring the selected CMS
• Themes and framework selection
• Know the extensions and ad-ons
• Developing a website using CMS like WordPress

Many businesses have heard the term ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO from their known in the business market and even from their competitors and may go with that to increase sales. But as a business owner or a student do you know what is SEO. It is possible that you are known only to its term but not the concept. So, we help you know what SEO is and why it is necessary for your business and career as a student.
It is a widely used technique and the biggest segment of digital marketing over the internet. As the best SEO institute in Delhi, we help you know all the SEO tricks and techniques that are required in this digital world to rank a website on SERP. In the simple words “higher visibility of a business in search engines assures the great number of visitors and customers”.
Our SEO course syllabus includes all the descriptions and practical versions of all these techniques in detail. We offer live project training in the curriculum of our SEO courses in Delhi NCR. We have designed our SEO course in a way to cover all fields of digital marketing.

Presently, SEO training and SEO as a career is the best and most popular choice among aspirants. There are many institutes in Delhi NCR providing training in this segment, but not all of them assure to give you a detailed and deep study of SEO due to lack of knowledge in SEO fundamentals. But with TDE we have the best talent in our SEO training institute in Delhi. Time to time we also organize special training programs for corporate employees to help them grow their business rapidly. We offer a wide range of digital marketing courses based on your needs.

SEO can be implemented in different ways. The main SEO methods are the following:

  • Introduction to SERP
  • SEO titles, headers and URL addresses
  • How Search Engines Works
  • Search Engine Search Policy
  • What is Robots & what is GoogleBot
  • Crowling, Fatching & Indexing Terms
  • Search Engine Basics
  • What is SEO
  • What are Search Engines
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Keyword Research Technique
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Back-linking / Off-Page Optimization
  • Keywords Ranking Technique
  • Writing SEO content
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Google Search Engine Architecture
  • The use of multimedia
  • Regular updates

Our Local Business Promotion Training Course Includes The Following
• Local SEO
• What is Local SEO
• Local On-Page SEO Factors
• NAP (Name Address Place )
• Local Reviews
• Google Business Places, Map

Our main objective is to provide the best SEO courses in Delhi NCR to carry out all the procedures including knowledge of fundamentals in our training. Our professional experts help you understand from the depth to the top of SEO techniques. So, after training, you will become a completely profitable asset for any business selling online.

We are the most renowned and certified Digital Marketing & SEO institute in Delhi NCR. We have extensive knowledge to implement all SEO strategies available in the digital world. Our experienced and trained professionals give you the best SEO training in all our SEO programs. We offer pocket-friendly SEO course fee to all our candidates. At TDE you will learn what is perfect your career as a student and as a business. We help business owners to know how to increase their sales by implementing the best SEO strategies.
Know What Should be Available In An SEO Strategy:
• Google Featured Snippets
• Optimize For Voice Search
• Design & Mobility
• Focus On User Intent
• Do Not Compromise On Content
• Optimize For Local Search
• Adopt Quality Link Building Strategies
• Website Framework And User Experience
• Cross-channel Marketing

We know that SEO is a process that helps online businesses to get higher ranking in search results. One of the most important components in this process is keyword research and analysis. Your keywords research should be perfect to know better about your audience and customers. A perfect analysis gives you organic search results with improved website rank. It is a vital thing that should be kept in mind always by an expert of SEO. As a beginner, we will tell you what the keywords are and how to find them using different tools available online. In our SEO classes in Delhi, we help you know what is the best way to analyse and optimize a website using keywords.
Know Our Keyword Analysis Curriculum:
• What are keywords
• Google Adwords Keyword Tool
• Keywords Analysis Tools
• Competition Analysis
• Finding the good keywords
• Keyword Research Methodology
• Localized Keywords Research
• Different Types of Keywords

Ranking of any web page depends on the strategies implemented by SEO expert on a website. It is the key to get traffic for any online business. On-page is an important part of any SEO strategy or marketing campaign. So for every business, it is important to focus on their SEO strategies to improve web traffic and get their targeted customers. As the best SEO training institute in Delhi, we provide what is required to implement proper on-page methods in a website. In this, you learn how to optimize a website before its launch before the customers. Also, we give you training to know about the various factors and where you should implement the optimization techniques on your website. TDE provides you training on optimizing meta tags, XML site creation, high-quality content, W3C validation and other on-page strategies.
Our On-Page SEO training segment includes the following:
• Domain Names and age factor in SEO
• Meta Tags Creation
• Image Tag Optimization
• Anchor Links Optimization
• Title Tag Optimization
• URL Rewrite Techniques
• Keyword Optimization
• Latent Semantic Index (LSI) Keywords
• Content Optimization and Planning
• Internal pages linking
• Social media share plugins
• Creation of Sitemap and submission of it to Google
• Using Robot.txt
• Malware Removal Guidelines
• FTP uses to upload website data

Knowledge about working of search engines working and knowledge about Google algorithms can assist you better to promote your business on the web. The biggest and widely used search engine is Google. Yahoo has left behind a few years ago because it doesn’t generate more reliable results as Google. People mostly prefer Google to find things on the web. In this way, Google is regularly working to improve its search technology and algorithms. In this manner, it becomes important to understand its search technology that is completely based on its algorithms.
We at The Digital Education give you a detailed study about how Google’s algorithms work and how they affect your website in terms of its ranking and visibility on the web. In our SEO course in Laxmi Nagar Delhi, we elaborate everything about different algorithms of Google. So it becomes easier for you to improve your website ranking. Our teaching methods make it easier to understand and quickly.
• Knowledge about Google Panda Algorithm
• What is Google EMD update?
• What is Google Penguin?
• How to save our site from Google Penguin, Panda, and EMD updates
• Recovery of penalized websites from Google Panda, Penguin, EMD updates

Catchy titles, optimized content and informative writing is the key to success of any business if SEO is applied. Businesses need to include proper content writing strategies in their marketing plan. The essence of this marketing strategy is that if a company offers valuable, fresh and frequent information to its customers, the buyers associate with your business for the long term.
So, we can say that content is the king of SEO and other digital marketing strategies. It is only content that attracts people towards a business. So, it is important to understand all content writing standards and guidelines as it is the key to get success in the digital promotion.

Why TDE?
We are one of the most renowned & expert SEO training institute Delhi with affordable SEO course duration & fees. We have the best talent and experienced staffs. We offer training on live projects to provide real-time experience and hands-on experience in the real world scenario.

Know Off-page SEO in The Best Best SEO Training Institute in Delhi

We all know that SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. A website should be optimized first to get a better rank on search engines. Making a website appealing doesn’t mean that you are ready to beat your competitors. You need to do more for that and our off-page SEO classes in Delhi helps you understand it better. After on-page SEO the work of off-page techniques starts. In simple terms, we can say it link building. We need to build links from higher authority sites. Search engines love quality and high authority links. So, if you are making quality and premium links your website will rank on search engines. We have different methods that we can use such as post writing, bookmarking, article/blog/PR submission and others.
But, you should ever keep one thing in your mind that there is no rocket science available to boost up the ranking of your website. Anyone can understand SEO and may implement these SEO techniques. Without any doubt, you can go to online channels like YouTube and others to study about Off-page SEO techniques but to get practical and live training you should visit us. We have years of experience and corporate knowledge to give you the best of the market training at a single place.
Our Off-Page SEO training course includes the following:
• What is DA or domain authority
• How to improve Domain Authority
• About Page Rank
• How to increase page rank
• Image optimization
• Video optimization
• PDF submission
• Knowledge about Back links
• Types of Back links
• Knowledge about is link Building
• Types of Link Building
• Do’s and Dont’s While building links
• Varities of Contents
• Value of Content Marketing
• Lists, Infographic, How-to guides etc

The best and first way to success for any business on W3 is incomplete without doing “Competitor Analysis”. As the name suggests it is the technique to identify the functioning, strategies and attributes of your business competitors in the related field. It helps a new start-up to know the strategies that should be considered when it comes to the marketplace. Don’t worry it looks typical but not with us. Because our highly experienced trainers offer you the best and easy ways to do competitor analysis.
Who are your competitors?
1. Direct Competitors
2. Indirect Competitors
Deep Analysis of Competitor Included in Our Curriculum:
• Strengths of the Competitor
• Weaknesses of the Competitor
• Threats faced by the Competitor
• Opportunities created by the Competitor
• Total Incoming Page Links
• Keywords in link URL’s
• Keywords in Link Texts

Understanding and analysis of SEO tools, Webmaster and analytic tools is a much need for successful SEO implementation. These are the basic and first need to apply any SEO strategy. TDE is the best SEO training institute to get deep working knowledge and hands on experience in using all SEO tools.
TDE is where you will get training from corporate professionals having expertise in all core activities of SEO. Within our most renowned SEO institute in Delhi, you get exposure to every concept of search engine optimization. We offer certification courses in digital marketing to give you a bright future in big organizations.
How we help you understand these tools described below:
• Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Placement
• Top tools for SEO
• What is Page Authority
• What is Domain Authority
• Preparing SEO Reports
• Monitoring SEO Process
• Creating SEO strategy for your business
• Website verification and Google webmaster tool
• Link Juice
• WordPress famous SEO plugins
• Deep intro to Google Analytics
• How Google Analytics functions
• Using Google Analytics

Making effective SEO reports is one of the most important parts of the whole SEO procedure. Before you begin SEO you should prepare a detailed report for your website containing the strategies and methods and tools you will use while implementation of SEO strategies. Always keep in mind which report would you generate first. Possibly it is not easy to decide but we help you get trained in that. After getting proper training SEO discovery training in Delhi you will easily understand about generating the SEO reports and prioritize them effectively.
Sum up a complete SEO report must consist of following:
• Title tag Analysis
• Link Popularity Report
• Outbound Link Report
• IMG ALT Attribute Report
• Page Rank Report
• Anchor Text Report
• Keyword Density Report
• Keyword Meta tag Report
• Description Meta tag Report
• Body Text Report
• In page Link Report
• Top 1o inbound Link Optimizer Report
• Keyword Density Report
• Keyword Prominence Report
• Comprehensive Summary
• Suggestions for Optimization

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FAQs on Offline & Online Digital Marketing Courses

SEO or Search Engine Optimization course is a platform to help you know the SEO strategies, techniques and implementation for a website and to know how to improve the online presence of any business.

TDE is an expert SEO training institute in Delhi and for other internet marketing related courses. We not only have the best corporate professionals as trainers but also have the best infrastructure in the industry.

There is not a specific qualification required to join an SEO course in Delhi NCR. So, if you are a 10+2 qualified person then you are an eligible person to join. We provide a strong base on every concept of SEO.

There are many open doors for you after completion of the SEO course in Delhi from The Digital Education. You can work as a professional employee in an organization or can also work as a freelance individual to earn a lot amount of money.

Whether doing our SEO course from us can help you get high salaries but we suggest to take complete training in our digital marketing course.

Trainer, SEO Associate, SEO manager, SEO manager, Growth Marketer, Lead Generation Associate, Web analyst and also as a freelancer.

As one of the best SEO training institute in Delhi, we have designed our SEO course in a way to provide career-oriented knowledge. We provide full assistance in your placement in the Delhi NCR region.

Definitely yes. We will provide everything in a single place. There is no need to take any study material with you. We also provide you certificates after course completion.

The answer is simple. It is TDE. We have expertise in all domains of digital marketing strategies. So you don't need to go to another place to get PPC training as well.

This is the simplest answer. Without any doubt, with the most renowned and expert professionals, we are at the top in the list of trainers in Delhi NCR.

This is a good question that should be asked ever. But don't worry our trainers have long years of experience in the internet marketing field and provide you with training on live projects to provide real-time experience.

Many IT giants are working in the internet marketing field. You will get placed in companies like Techmagnate, Cognizant, Adreno, Chegg, Unyscape and other IT giants.

Professionals getting big packages in the internet marketing field after getting trained by us. Your package will start from 2 lacs to 5 lacs depends on your efficiency and knowledge in the segment.

Advance SEO Course Fees is 10,000 Rupees, and the SEO Course Duration is 1.5 Month.

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