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Advanced Google Adwords/PPC/SEM Course

In the modern era, every business small or large has an online platform to attract customers to sell from or to buy from, SEM is a marketing tool to generate web traffic. More traffic on the website means more money. A perfect course selection makes your career more lucrative and competitive in the modern era. A trained SEM professional can tell the client the benefits of paid search advertising. An SEM professional having good knowledge of SEM techniques can make a website at top of search engines. We provide the best training in Delhi to SEM students, professionals. We trained our students and professionals in a competitive environment to perform much better in real-time. We have experts who can teach you to be professional in SEM techniques.

We cover 5 modules in Advanced Google Adwords/PPC/SEM Course

Digital Marketing Overview and Fundamental

Digital marketing is the most renowned and well-known term these days. Every...

E-Business Website Planning & Creation

A website is like a super-set of information about a specific subject....

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads/PPC)

Pay per click advertisement means advertisement over the internet and when internet...

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to promote a product...

Video/YouTube Marketing

Video marketing is increasing and catching up the marketplace as an online...

Advanced Google Adwords/PPC/SEM Course Curriculum

Paid advertising is a tool to guide more traffic towards your website and increase your sales and business, but it can become more expensive in a short span of time if you are not very careful. You may have caught the terms PPC, CPC, sponsored ads. They are all part of online advertising and literally the same thing. They work on the model of paying to boost the visibility of your website on web-based search engines and other high traffic running websites. When you use web-based search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo, paid ads are generally seen on the result top page. Paid ads are also seen on the right side of the bottom of the result page.

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Our platform offers a different type of internship programs to out aspirants. Many candidates were selected in big corporations with fruitful salary packages. We also offer certification based courses. Our Institute has a good placement cell with many opportunities.

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About paid advertising Paid advertising is a tool to guide more traffic towards your website and increase your sales and business, but it can become more expensive in a short span of time if you are not very careful. You may have caught the terms PPC, CPC, sponsored ads. They are all part of online advertising and literally the same thing. They work on the model of paying to boost the visibility of your website on web-based search engines and.........READ MORE

FAQs on Offline & Online Digital Marketing Courses

PPC or it is termed as Pay per click is one the most renowned and globally used marketing method to promote products online quickly. With our advanced PPC training course, we assist you to know how to advertise your business and make it profitable in terms of higher sales and ROI. Our expert trainers give you detailed knowledge about PPC in our advanced PPC course.

Google AdWords is a way of advertising products and services on Google. In our Google ads course, we help you know how to set up ad campaigns, how to decide and find out the keywords, how to handle the cost your campaign, how to maintain your ads and others. As one of the best PPC training institute in Delhi/NCR, we have years of experience in giving training to business owners, students and others.

When it comes to knowing what a campaign is, then it is suggested to go PPC fundamentals learning with us. A campaign is termed as a set of subscribers, web forms and messages. In our sem training in Delhi, we help you know how to set up a campaign for different products and attract the customers towards it.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is described as a form of Search Engine Advertising. While Google Adwords is a type of paid marketing campaign which assists individuals and businesses to create their ads for products and services they offer and display it to the clients easily.

As we are known to offer the best PPC course, we assist you to know the mistakes you should avoid while creating a PPC campaign. Check out the mistakes you will learn to avoid in our PPC fundamentals training online are as follows: • Not utilizing conversion tracking and ad extensions. • Don't add lots of keywords in the ad group. • Avoid using broad match keywords. • Not doing a proper review of the search partner's performance. • Never combine display and search in a similar campaign.

It is not possible to get visibility on the search engines without optimizing a website. Organic promotion is the best key to boost up your website ranking in the search results. Our PPC training in Delhi is helpful to do lead generation and get instant results by doing proper branding. In our PPC fundamentals training, we give you knowledge of different social and search platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more. People seeking to improve their business presence and profit can choose PPC course. PPC course Delhi is the best choices that can enable you to earn money, even on a freelance basis.

PPC training course doesn't take a lot of time to complete. You will need 45-60 days to become an expert. Our PPC expert in Delhi NCR covers Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, Google Adwords. To get live sessions, training connect with us.

PPC has lots of benefits, and it the best way to maximize your business profit. Check out the benefits of PPC marketing course: • It helps you achieve your business goals. • It is traceable, reliable and measurable. • Helps you maximize your business profit. • It is the best suit for different marketing platforms. • Join our PPC classes at TDE and become a professional to maximize your business profit.

We have professionals offering the best classes for PPC and Google AdWords training course. Our trainers are Google certified professionals. Contact us today to get the best PPC marketing training in Delhi.

It is a good question that always clicks the mind of people searching for any kind of training expertise. Search advertising course, online PPC training, advanced Google ads training, offered at The Digital Education is the best program for students seeking to make their career in PPC advertising, for business owners want to increase their profits & ROI and also for the industry experts want to enhance their skills & knowledge. In our Pay per click training course, you learn SEO, SMM, SEM, blogging, viral marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, and more. We have industry experts and years of industrial experience. We offer live sessions to get the best practical knowledge of PPC.

Do you think that there is a specific qualification you need to join our PPC course in Delhi? Let's help you know it better. There is no need to have a specific qualification to join our sem training course. People from any background can connect with us to get training in google AdWords advanced course.

Yes, PPC includes Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads & LinkedIn Ads. Our advanced Google Adwords course helps you understand how to create and manage PPC on the different search and social channels.

PPC offers rapid and wide reach to your business in the minimum time. With Google ads, you get better results as your ad appears on different search sites on Google. We are known as the best PPC training institute in Delhi that assist businesses to improve their sales, brand image and make your business stable for a long time.

There are lots of opportunities available in PPC, are as follows: • PPC Manager • Online Marketing Manager • Internet Marketing Consultant • Marketing Campaign Manager • Web Marketing Analyst • PPC Specialist • Google Adwords Professional

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