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Why Digital Marketing course for MBA graduates?

MBA is basically just for the marketing, which is the basic purpose of doing an MBA, that means promoting something it may be a product or any service r sometime it may be consultancy of anything, now there is a similarity between MBA and digital marketing but what it is the similarity is clear both works to promote anything, there functionality is also the same but the difference is in their method of doing it, in MBA they have traditional way of doing marketing like poster over the roads, door to door marketing, etc but meanwhile digital marketing comes with the online version of all the traditional activity here instead of posters over the road there are posters over social media, beside door to door its email to email so basically the way to reaching the people is different but motive is same.

The point is that is there is a need to learn digital marketing to MBA graduate- Not really but if someone wants to be updated and looking for broader field of career then its yes, because as per the demand of the market and people everything and every person is coming online yes of course digital marketing is not overpowering the traditional marketing so need for an MBA  graduate is there but no company is benefited only because of traditional market these days therefore having digital marketing knowledge along with MBA degree id been very helpful and what companies are really looking forwards.

Benefits of doing digital marketing as an MBA graduate are supposed to be as follows:

  1. Easy to understand digital marketing: Person with knowledge of MBA when comes in digital marketing filed they understand the concept very easily and very deeply since they are aware of the needs of doing anything they just need to relate everything with what they have just studied in MBA.
  2. Considered to be a boon for the company: every organization needs an employee to be an expert in their field with knowledge in each and every phase of life, 
  3. Increase creative skills: people with MBA degree has very keen knowledge about the marketing strategies so when they come to know about digital marketing, they have a blast and it increase the ultimate value of their resumes, and company immediately hire those who has a double knowledge as they may guide to junior in very effective way and may be considered to be a boon for the company.
  4. Gives confidence: people have all the relative knowledge of their field might have higher level of confidence and much better way of presentation in their ideas and concepts.
  5. Future ready: as internet world is growing in the world and digital marketing is raising their arms so its very necessary to have its knowledge belonging from the same field and world since gives them scope to grow and learn more because digital marketing is the future of marketing world today 60% people of the world are only using the internet for each and every work of their day to day life. Protection Status
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