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SEO Resume Sample for Experienced Candidates (Executive & Manager Post) – Download PDF & Docs

Blog Written By : admin January 3, 2021

Executive & Manager Post SEO Resume Overview

As an SEO specialist, you already know what it takes to enhance a website’s ranking on Google. But, do you think that this will be enough for you to land a high-paying SEO job? 

Is your resume competent enough to rank you number one in front of the hiring managers?

Remember, this time you don’t have enough time to convert the visitors into leads. So, your content and design need to be flawless.

Hence, we have provided an absolute guide to help you create an exceptional SEO Resume to enhance your opportunities of getting a high-paying SEO job.

How to Write an SEO Resume?

An SEO specialist usually encompasses multiple skills such as analyst, writer, marketer, designer, and developer. Mention this unique set of multiple skills in your resume.

As an Analyst, show how you’ve transformed the online presence of several businesses and helped them to generate higher revenues. Exhibit your accomplishments and back them up with quantifiable data.

As a marketer, proselytize yourself by customizing your experience, education along with a summary to match the job requirements.

As a writer, narrate your story in a captivating manner. Make sure that your spelling and grammar are unparalleled. Also include pertinent keywords for Application Tracking Software.

As a developer, make sure to mention your efficiency in fixing several issues with WordPress Websites. You can also mention your expertise in Crawlers, DNS Servers, Indexing, and Catching. 

As a designer, choose a layout with an admirable color theme and excellent fonts.

Please the Hiring Manager with your SEO Resume Header

The header is the most crucial part of a resume. It’s just like the title of a webpage that appears on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Ensure to make it captivating and informative in order to catch the attention of the Hiring Manager.

Everything you mention in your SEO Resume Header and Summary should be based on your achievements along with your experience.

Prove that you are an SEO expert by mentioning a certificate that you’ve acquired from a reputed organization or by customizing your header to a particular job such as Saas, fin-tech, online gaming, E-commerce, and so on.

Furthermore, if you have a portfolio website with a successful project along with case studies, then you can include a link to your website in the header. But, if you don’t have a portfolio website, then you can also include your LinkedIn profile.

How to Write an Engaging SEO Summary?

So, you have already captured the attention of the hiring managers with your resume header. Now, write an enthralling SEO Summary so that they don’t bounce back as they open your resume. 

Create a data-driven summary by including your work experience, your skills, your major clients, and how you’ve got the results for your clients. These things will set you apart from the rest of the candidates and it will show that you are a results-oriented search marketer. Moreover, make sure to avoid personal pronouns and make your SEO resume summary objective.

How to Mention your Experience in an SEO Resume?

Simply listing your responsibilities in the resume is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Instead, accentuate your successful projects, your role in the project along with your stability in the last companies. Also, show them how you can drive results with your SEO skills. Elucidate that you are a data junkie who is capable of making website improvements based on a comprehensive analysis.

At the end, including figures and facts to prove that you are a good fit for a specific role. Moreover, avoid using a complicated language in your resume. Try to use a simple language that every Hiring Manager can understand.

How to List Your Skills in the Resume?

SEO experts usually have a strong command over various software, tools, and chrome plugins. List all the skills that you specialize in and avoid mentioning those skills that you don’t know about. 

Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to intricate on your sills. Thoroughly read the job offer and adapt your skills accordingly.

Some Interview Questions for SEO Post Interview:

Question 1: What do you mean by backlink?

Ans: The incoming links to a webpage or a website are known as backlinks. It is a form of citation, in which someone talking about a topic related to you, your service, or your product wishes to refer to your website. Moreover, backlinks are one of the many metrics used by Google to measure the value of a page.

Question 2: Why do we use keywords in SEO?

Ans: A keyword is usually a single word and a combination of such words makes phrases. These keywords or phrases are used by search engines to populate the subjects over the internet. Search Engines store these keywords in their database and it will pop up with the relevant matches as soon as a search is made.

Question 3: How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO? is Meta Tags Helps to improve Keywords Ranking?

Ans: There are 4 major types of meta tags in SEO:

  1. Meta Description Tag (Limit- 160 characters)
  2. Meta Keyword Tag
  3. Title Tag (Limit-60 characters)
  4. Meta Robots

Question4: What is Black Hat SEO?

Ans: Black Hat SEO refers to a set of various methods and techniques used by websites to rank higher on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through means that violate the search engine’s terms of service. The term ‘Black Hat SEO’ is usually used to describe virus creators, computer hackers, and those who operate unscrupulous actions with computers.

Download SEO Resume in PDF

Click here and Download Resume in PDF Format

Download SEO Resume in Docs

Click here and Download Resume Docs File

Concluding Thoughts on SEO Resume for Executive & Manager Post

In the end, just utilize and scrutinize the job description to sketch out the resume sections according to your skills. Choose the layout that best represents your work experience and create a captivating header along with a concise summary in a show that you are a great writer. Moreover, include quantitative accomplishments to spotlight the best stages of your career. Also, mention the recognized certificates that you have. All these things will definitely make your resume different from the rest and will help you get a high-paying SEO job.                     

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