The Digital Bug: How Rajeev Ditched Software Development for the Love of Digital Marketing

The Digital Bug: How Rajeev Ditched Software Development for the Love of Digital Marketing

Rajeev completed in Computer Science in 2019 and like most of his counterparts, explored the lucrative world of coding and development at first. He even joined an institute to learn Python and land a job in software development. However, destiny had different plans in store and Rajeev didn’t connect to the life of a coder. 

He never gave up and continued searching for alternatives. A midnight conversation with his friend became his eureka moment, when he got introduced to the exciting world of Digital Marketing. His friend Sumit became a live case study for him as he was already working with a renowned digital marketing agency in Noida. So, Rajeev faced no difficulty in making the decision to give digital marketing a shot.

Let’s take a look how digital marketing became his first love.


As a fresh engineering graduate, Rajeev wanted to secure a job in a domain that could satisfy both his search for meaning and money. After hearing countless appreciations about digital marketing, he was searching for a battleground to test his interests and learn a professional skill in no time. He says, “I was looking for something worthwhile after I failed to generate interest in coding. I realized coding is not my cup of tea and I must look for something better.”

Proposed Solution:

Rajeev received a comprehensive exposure to digital marketing aspects via different modules. SEO brought a sparkle in his eyes and he decided to pour his heart and soul to master the skill.
He mastered multiple tools including Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and even SEMRush in record time. He worked hard and received exemplary support from The Digital Education.

He exclaims, “The short batch size did the work for me. I used to ask as many questions as I wanted, even on WhatsApp groups during off hours and never faced any disappointment. Narendra and other faculty members were always quick to extend their support and remove my doubts.

End Result:

Rajeev Lekhwar Unyscape Infocom

Within 3 months of dedicated study and hands-on experience, Rajeev’s confidence shot up and he started attending interviews.

He says, “The kind of training and industry experience I received, I was never willing to settle for less.

  • Got an internship with GetinHours for 8k a month, but kept searching
  • Secured a better internship with Unyscape at 2X the stipend amount
  • Started off career as an SEO trainee and gained experience with high value clients
  • Secured full time offer with within 3 months with Unyscape at roughly 2.5X the stipend amount

Mission Accomplished!

Talking about his career aspirations, Rajeev wishes to strengthen his SEO mastery and work with vendor organizations such as ScreamingFrogs and Ahrefs. He rates the curriculum 10/10 on every aspect including course material, industry exposure, hands on experience, and overall support. 

He has a message for upcoming students of The Digital Education: “Have complete faith in the faculty and the curriculum. Work hard and do your part. At the end, your raw skills will get transformed and you will get readily absorbed by the industry.” Good Luck!

-Rajeev Lekhwar, South West Delhi

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