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Pay per click advertisement means advertisement over internet and when internet use click in the advertisement then advertiser pay to the publisher for every clicks, doesn’t matter advertisement displayed over website, search engines, portals or mobile app.

The main purpose of this behind ppc is to receive more traffic to your website and get more popularity, generate inquiries, leads and then convert this leads into sales.

Advertisement over internet is divided into many types such as, text advertisement, banner advertisement, click and impression advertisement, video advertisement, shopping advertisement and more.

So you can say in easy language Online Advertisement or PPC is mainly use for business generation as well as branding.

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  • In this module we cover
  • What is Search Engine and Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
  • Why Use Pay-Per-Click and difference b/w SEM and PPC?
  • Why we use Google AdWords? And why Google AdWords play vital role for business promotion?
  • What is the difference b/w google advertising and Facebook advertising?
  • How to set up Google AdWords account?
  • Type of Ads in Google AdWords
  • Adword campaigns creation, management and implementation
  • Goal Setup and ROI Calculation
  • Benefit of PPC, Google Adword Certification Traning Program
  • Adwords or PPC can easily generate potential leads for business also its help for business branding.

    Now a days Adwords or PPC is play vital role for business grow.

    In this module you learn business lead generation ideas and techniques, all type of ad (text ad, image ad, video ad) campaigns creation and promotion techniques through paid activities.

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